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Speaker Budish Hypocrisy and Elisabeth Trisler Controversy Update

February 11, 2010 at 11:00 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Make sure to tune into the Bill O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8pm, as he will be covering this story and interviewing Elisabeth Trisler and her mother. It should be interesting!

Yesterday at 4pm, Ohio Right to Life Executive Director Mike Gonidakis was interviewed about the latest developments in this situation on Bob Burney’s radio show on The Word 880AM. It must have been painful for Mike to be so polite, considering how poorly Speaker Budish treated Elisabeth and how he lied yesterday to excuse his unreasonable behavior. Click here to listen.

And while Speaker Budish’s spokesidiot Keary McCarthy lied through his teeth when saying the controversy was due to confusion about if Elisabeth would read her speech aloud or not (It was known for many months that she would not), it appears that Budish sometimes allows young oratory winners does allow young oratory winners to read their speech. Check out this video below from Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2009…

Is expansive Federal civil rights legislation and the repeated use of the word “negroes” not divisive or controversial?

And while this young girl certainly deserves to be honored, isn’t this speech “politically senstitive” in nature?

And if civil rights of blacks is on the list of approved speech topics, then why not allow Elisabeth speak out against something which kills more American blacks than the 7 leading causes of death combined?

How do you spell hypocrisy? A-R-M-O-N-D

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