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Two Liberal Republicans Head Up Socialist Third Frontier Campaign

February 12, 2010 at 6:17 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Matt Cox, for those of you who remember the fun that was Right Angle Blog in 2005, was gubernatorial candidate Jim Petro’s campaign manager who quit just as the polls turned south. He was a terrible thug and I’m sorry to see this guy is still around in politics. I’ll have much more to say about him as this campaign continues. And liberal, pro-abortion Jo Ann Davidson just won’t go away to a nursing home:

Two former national political leaders from Ohio have been tapped to lead the campaign to renew the state’s Third Frontier program on the May 4 ballot.

Jo Ann Davidson, a former Ohio House speaker and Republican National Committee co-chairwoman, will be teaming up with David Wilhelm of Bexley, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and national manager of President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. The announcement was made yesterday at a meeting of the Third Frontier Commission and advisory board.

Matt Cox, who helped run Republican Jim Petro’s campaign for governor in 2006, has been selected as campaign manager. A committee of business groups and other supporters called United For Jobs and Ohio’s Future has been created.

The last time I read about Cox, he was in the Dayton Daily News singing the praises of former disgraced Ohio Lottery Director Mike Dolan. What a loser.

Sadly, I can’t imagine there would be a well-funded campaign in opposition to Issue 1, since all the campaign contributions and special interests are on the side of corporate welfare and free money.

But if my fellow conservatives and TEA party activists really want to focus on changing the political culture in Ohio, shutting down the Third Frontier and making it politically expensive for its supporters would be a great place to start.

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  • Guest
    I agree with your last statement. And who was the prime facilitator for this in the ORP, Jon Husted. Who was behind the Strickland "green" energy give away last year...again it's Jon Husted. Come on, all we have in Ohio is one party, just like we do nationally.

    You want to change the landscape, then go to a different landscape. If you are a conservative or Tea party supporter go to the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party, but just get out of the ORP.
  • No, 3rd party = Democrats win.
  • Anonymous
    IMHO, I think it's wise for the Tea Party to attempt to work w/in the two-party system. That way, after the establishment obstructs the short & long-term goals of the movement (people), in addition to learning from the unfettered depravity inside politics, but they will be able to genuinely say "hey, we tried" (probably - and appopriately - flipping High Street the bird as they leave).

    At some point, the battered wife either leaves or blows her abusive bully of a husband away. So if the republican establishment doesn't start changing its RINO ways after the initial grace period, the electorate will have no other option than to leave, start the arduous task of building a 3rd party...or revolt...and I don't think either side wants to face the reality of what that really means or how possible that really is.

    I'll be on the side with the most guns. >;o)
  • Anon
    Lol...I meant Fifth St. Given their decision-making skills, "High" is what they always seem to be!
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