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Ohio Democrat Chairman Chris Redfern: Polluter & Law Breaker

February 16, 2010 at 7:11 pm Matt

If you saw this sign at the Ohio State House in Columbus which says “Passenger Drop Off”… would you do anything else other than drop or pick someone up, and take maybe up to 5 minutes to do so?

Of course you wouldn’t! Because you are a law abiding citizen.

But apparently, Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern, a powerful man who married into a life of privilege, thinks he is above the law.

Just about everything else was canceled today at the State House due to snow. However, Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray had a 3pm. And Redfern was there with his lobbyist wife Kim to talk to reporters.

The event lasted approximately an hour. And as I exited a rather boring press conference full of populist platitudes about Wall Street, a few State House employees tipped me off that Chris Redfern’s giant black Chevy SUV (pictured above) was in the loading zone…

with the engine running…

for more than a hour!

(Click for a larger version)

That is a very large, gas-powered car, idling and emitting pollution into the air. As you can see from this picture (below), taken almost 20 minutes prior to the one above, there is clearly exhaust fumes being spewed out. Mother Earth is weeping:

(Click for a larger version)

And Mayor Mike Coleman might be interested to see this, as it is clear that PLENTY of parking meters were available across the street. If Redfern was a responsible citizen, his driver could have parked there legally, turned off the engine, and pay for a parking meter as a token gesture that he is willing to sacrifice money that can be “reinvested” by the city.

(Click for a larger version)

Finally, after more than 67 minutes, Kim and Chris get in the car, probably to dash off to Lindey’s to have dinner and a conversation that has nothing… absolutely nothing… to do with whatever company Kim just shook down in exchange for access to her husband.

(Click for a larger version)

As a typical elitist liberal, Chris Redfern is all about having the state subsidize green projects. In fact, his SUV is E-85, which has the capacity to use a highly-inefficient, subsidized corn-based fuel… even though he was probably burning good old-fashioned gasoline. Redfern is happy to tell you how to live your life, as long as those rules don’t apply to him.

Why wasn’t Redfern issued a citation? Why does Redfern think it is OK to harm the environment in such a careless fashion? And considering his choice of cars and his many trips on lobbyist-funded private jets, how big is Chris’ “carbon footprint?” These are questions worth asking.

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  • http://twitter.com/camdenmike Michael Cullison

    Limousine liberal motto: Laws and regulations apply to thee, not to me.

  • http://rightohio.com Right Ohio

    agreed. Reminds me of Soviet Politburo compared to Russian peasants. Redfern deeply believes in environmental regulations, mass transit, et cetera- but considers himself part of the exempt political class.

  • makeitred

    Clearly, he doesn't believe in global warming/climate change either. Of course, this week it is kind of hard to believe the polar ice caps are melting.

  • http://rightohio.com Right Ohio

    Yes! We knew that from his dozens of flights on lobbyist sponsored private jets:


  • http://rightohio.com/2010/02/17/does-chris-redfern-support-terrorism/ Right Ohio » Does Chris Redfern Support Terrorism?

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