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Chairman Robert Frost, a Tea-Party Republican?

February 20, 2010 at 7:23 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Mark Naymik in The Plain Dealer wrote a surprisingly fair report of TEA party activities in Cuyahoga County. Click here to read.

I say it’s surprising, because liberal reporters seem to have a tough time wrapping their heads around the concept of spontaneous order and a movement that has no top-down Politburo structure to it. Usually, the MSM would rather there be one specific leader that they can smear and tear down, since vague Connie Schultz/Alinsky-style  “NAZI! NAZI!” smears never really stuck.

Watching the Cuyahoga County GOP slowly come to the realization that conservatism might actually win elections is breathtaking.

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  • Kenny scarloa
    I think ralph king has not a lot for the tea party movement in ohio. Ralph King organizes events, builds websites for tea party groups, teaches tea party folks about the central committee concepts, etc.

    Its not like he writes a blog, criticizes those he dislikes and protects those he is paid by and/or likes!
  • Kenny scarloa
    correction: "I think Ralph King has done a lot for the tea party movement..."
  • Yes, he has. Ralph has worked hard and I'm glad he is doing so.

    But you're tired of the Rob Frost attacking? I haven't talked about him in at least a year. The Democrat corruption stories in the county are much more interesting.
  • tom
    Its always funny to me when Ralph King criticizes someone for not doing enough
  • ralph rubenstein
    Jack you are too kind! Rob Frost and fat A%&, rude Steve Backiel (so-called exec director) are a waste of space in that $30, 000 per year office they have!

    Have you ever tried to call them on the $10 ,000 year phone system?

    I have seen the budget.

    Rob Frost has NO claim on any shred of the TEA party movement.

    In fact, the TEA party people had a separate event the same day.
  • Jack Marshak
    I don't think Frost has made any true conversion. He sees an opportunity and pounces. He must smell money in this somewhere. What I don't smell is any candidates from the Republican Party in Cuyahoga County. Take a look at the filings and you will see the $100k chairman has not done a great job of recruitment.
  • fair enough
  • Kenny scarloa
    What is everyone's beef with Rob Frost?

    I am tired of all of this attacking of Rob Frost on here.

    If Rob Frost is mentioned, like clockwork, I wait for the attacks and get them.
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