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Delaware County GOP Calls Security for TEA Partiers?

February 21, 2010 at 11:17 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Teri Morgan says "Keep that TEA away from me."

From yesterday’s The Delaware Gazette by Andrew Tobias:

Communications between a member of a local group with “Tea Party” ties and the county’s Republican Party chair has led to a request for security at an upcoming meeting.

A member of the group has asked to speak at the Feb. 25 Delaware County Republican Party central committee meeting during which the county party is expected to vote to endorse county prosecutor Dave Yost in his run for Auditor of State. The party will also vote on whether or not to issue an endorsement for the local county commissioner race.

Earlier this week, Powell resident Mike Gemperline called county GOP chair Teri Morgan to inquire about the Feb. 25 meeting, which he plans to protest.

Gemperline, 55, is a member of the Delaware County 9/12 group, which he describes as a loosely-affiliated group without membership rolls that meets semi-monthly at a local Panera Bread store.

The group’s name is a reference to the “nine principles” and “12 values” espoused by conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, and part of his effort to launch a grassroots political movement.

The 9/12 movement is somewhat affiliated with the Tea Party movement, which itself is non-centralized and non-specific.

Gemperline said in a phone interview he is concerned that “progressives” have infiltrated the Republican Party. He said he is also concerned with what that will mean for the direction of the United States.

Gemperline said he told Morgan he doesn’t think the local Republican Party should endorse before the primary election.

“Our observation is there’s a ‘good ol’ boys’ club, and that’s got to stop. The American people need to choose, not the club,” he said.

Gemperline was part of a group that on Feb. 2 protested the state Republican Party’s decision to ask Yost to redirect his efforts from a contested primary for state attorney general against former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine to instead run for auditor of state.

Yost had positioned himself as a more conservative alternative to DeWine, who Gemperline called a “milquetoast Republican.”

“He might as well be a Democrat,” Gemperline said.

Gemperline also told Morgan he plans to protest outside the Delaware Area Career Center North Campus, where the meeting will be held. However, Morgan told him he could not speak during the proceedings. Although the endorsement meetings are open to the public and media, the county Republican Party does not typically allow public participation.

Morgan on Tuesday e-mailed Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III, asking him about providing deputies to provide security at the event.

Read the rest of the article for more details here. It also includes the obligatory, obvious quote from a political science professor- This time, it happens to be OSU’s Herb Asher, who I took multiple classes with. I like him personally, but it is journalistic malpractice whenever a newspaper doesn’t mention that he is also a long-time Democrat political operative. He probably agrees.

Delaware County has been the fastest growing area in Ohio and is heavily Republican, so there are plenty of new residents who may not have any relationships with the entrenched local political establishment but are staunch Beck fans or Dittoheads. So instead of welcoming them in, they call the sheriff?

I don’t know if what Mike Gemperline said was “very unreasonable and threatening” or not. And while the protesters at the ORP during the state endorsement meeting were right to be frustrated with DeWine, they were VERY misguided to protest against Delaware Co. Prosecutor Dave Yost personally, as he is every bit as conservative as Rep. Seth Morgan. Plus, there are so many other constructive problems for TEA partiers to cause- Such as stopping the Third Frontier renewal, eliminating the Ohio estate tax, running for central committee, or taking part in my favorite hobby: messing with tax-raising Gov. Strickland.

But as a whole, the unorganized TEA party groups should be embraced by the Republican Party. If a liberal county GOP Chairman like Robert Frost can do that, then why can’t Teri Morgan?

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  • Chuck Nelson
    This is shameful. I consider myself a Republican but Teri Morgan is an embarrassment. What good is the establishment of the Republican Party if they are fearful of hearing from the strength of their base? I believe that most TEA Partiers would rather not throw their vote away on a third-party candidate but with reactions like this from Ms. Morgan, what are we to do?

    I know Mike Gemperline. He is passionate about what he is doing, but he did not threaten that woman. He disagrees with her and that may feel threatening to her, but that is not an indictment of Mr. Gemperline. On the contrary, it tells us that the leadership of the Republican Party, even at this level, simply doesn’t get it and that is really disappointing. This group protests because they are not allowed any other voice at these meetings. How outrageous is today’s political environment that the Republican Party doesn’t want to hear from conservatives.

    Also, as far as I can determine (and I could be wrong), Gemperline and the TEA Partiers are not against Yost, they are against the Republican Party granting endorsements prior to the primary election. I’m sure they aspire to do more, but this is a small local group that is engaging their local political party on the topic at-hand. You can’t fault them for not dictating the agenda, when they shockingly aren’t even allowed to speak at these meetings.
  • Anonymous
    This is so transparent that it's embarrassing. Yet another woman being a useful idiot...all in [one of] the candidate's home county. Gee, puzzling they didn't need to call National Guard in Greene or Brown county.

    I love how physical threats are derived from the promise "we'll run someone against you." The continued chick-ification of politics and telling is that it started with wussy men.

    This is proof that the republican party has no plans to listen or reach out to the Tea Party movement unless they can find a way to co-opt it.

    Too bad.
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