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A New Ohio Democrat Party Spy! John Pollard

February 23, 2010 at 9:27 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

First it was the Boyce Bandit, and now the Ohio Democrat Party found another young hack to send around recording and trying to find the next “macaca” moment.

From an anonymous email:

The kid in the red shirt paid & attended the Medina County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner last night. He was obviously nervous and didn’t fit in. He had the misfortune of choosing as his table the same one occupied by [Medina County GOP] Chairman Heck and Senator [Jon] Husted. He confirmed he didn’t belong there.

John Pollard is the name he went by; a quick search found he was a college Dem at Miami and was involved with the Obama campaign.

Republican clubs and county parties throughout Ohio… Be aware of the effeminate Democrat operative in the red shirt below:

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  • mojorising
    I was sitting at the dinner table as well. Mr. Pollard had been acting nervous and fidgeting in his seat prior to the dinner starting. That sounded the alarm bells, and prompted someone to investigate him. Upon his identity being discovered, both the Chairman and Senator Husted approached him. The exchange they each had with Pollard was amusing to us, yet not so for him. Surprisingly he stayed for the dinner. Guess he wanted his moneys worth.
  • very odd. So many people go to Lincoln Days... how hard would it be for the Dems to find someone who isn't nervous?
  • Fayette
    Last Night Sen. Husted introduced Mr. Pollard during his Keynote at the Fayette county lincoln day
  • WOW Thanks!
  • Wait. How does the above differ from [edit: you showing up at at Rich Cordray annoncement last week?]

    That makes at least 3 different Dem events that you've been spotted at. Hypocrisy much?
  • Actually, I don't mind Corday. I enjoyed talking to him for my Right Ohio interview. A VERY smart lawyer who has only become more Dannish in the past few weeks.


    And at that event I wasn't recording. Later that day I exposed Redfern as a climate criminal.
  • You just compare Rich to Marc Dann? Goodbye follow up interview! LOL. He is a super bright guy and the next AG. Don't worry, we'll do the post election interview for ya. ;-)
  • Well it was nice for him to talk to me at all. He probably shouldn't have.

    Anyway, there is no question the attacking of lobbyists, investment banks, et cetera is the type of headline grabbing stuff that Dann would do. It's a campaign season, and Cordray has changed his style to grab attention. oh well
  • Agreed. I was critical of him talking to your dumbass. ;-) Probably good that he did. Rich is a good guy and not a flaming partisan (which overall I think is a good thing).

    He was always going to do the types of things you describe as "Dannish". You should have paid more attention during the campaign.
  • OK then
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