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A Reader Reminds Me of Strickland’s History with Inmates Smuggling Drugs

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[D]uring Governor Taft’s first term the mailroom of the governor’s office was staffed by four inmates from the Orient prison.  They were nice guys, generally did a great and efficient job.  But at some point they started using the mailroom to smuggle marijuana into the prison.  As soon as authorities discovered this, the program ended.  “Real” employees were hired to do the work and the protocols for supervising work-release inmates at other locations were improved (while the inmates never left the 30th floor of the Riffe Center without an officer, they weren’t under watch in the office and were frequently alone in the mail room).  The media never found out about it, or at least didn’t report on it.

Then, when Strickland took office and announced plans to use more inmate labor at the residence, I heard (second-hand) that Jon Allison reached out to Strickland’s folks and explained what had happened during Taft’s administration and warned them of the risk, etc.

Allison was one of the people I mentioned in my famous golf club video. During the heat of the 2006 campaign, he wrote a nasty letter to the Wall Street Journal slamming Ken Blackwell.  In 2007, after a short time running his own lobbying firm, Alison is now the Assistant VP & Director of Government Relations at The State Auto Insurance Companies, a government relations company.

If it is Taft or Strickland, it is nice to know that Allison is always willing to lend a helping hand to liberal governors… but apparently Ted didn’t act upon his useful advice?

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