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More Corruption Details at the Governor’s Office- Inmates and Alcohol

February 24, 2010 at 10:03 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Paul Aker’s report last night on Channel 10 in Columbus:

I know Strickland has health issues, but he looks extra jumpy and evasive lately. Marc Kovac posted the extended video of the press gaggle used in the report above, and I think it’s fairly obvious that Strickland knows EXACTLY why these decisions were made and what they didn’t criminals to start singing to Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

And Randy Ludlow at The Dispatch reports today that Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles is very interested in Strickland’s drug non-sting and what corrupt Strickland administration officials like Kent Markus are doing:

Ohio Inspector General Thomas P. Charles will investigate a decision to scuttle a planned State Highway Patrol sting to catch a courier dropping suspected drugs outside the Governor’s Residence.[...]

The inspector general said yesterday that he also might explore other matters involving the Governor’s Residence. Tobacco, which is banned in state prisons, has been found hidden in inmate work areas and investigators also discovered a bottle of amino acids in the carriage house last month.

And Kyle Sisk has picked up chatter that Team Strickland thinks much of this is being orchestrated by the Kasich campaign. Good grief:

The Kasich Camp is having a very good day today and my guess is that they may not even know it.

I’ve got it on good authority that a portion of the Strickland Team thinks that Kasich & his Kool Aid drinking crew are behind the movement {and talk to a few troopers (especially some of the “old school” types) and you will realize that it IS a growing, percolating movement} inside the current patrol amongst active troopers and outside amongst the patrol alum (especially) to start speaking out about what is happening within the Strickland Administration.

And for the MSM & others I must point out that it is the STRICKLAND administration (although lately a more accurate label might really be “Governor Kent Markus’ Administration with head crybaby for more federal money & temper tantrum throwing toddler when people are realistic about 39 mph trains/lead spokesperson: Minister Ted Strickland”) and not the Guzman administration or the Collins administration or even the Markus Administration (really the most accurate label from Jones-Kelley to today).

That the Kasich Camp is somehow behind http://troopertotrooper.com/ is hilarious to me. It is the height of black helicopter paranoia.

As Kyle goes onto note, by the time this is all over, Strickland will end up wishing this was all political. The truth is, these are just hard working State Highway Patrol cops who are sick of their work and investigations being control by political appointees and hacks. They have been mistreated and are now talking to anyone who will listen.

This story is about to get infinitely more ugly.

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