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What the Hell is the United Conservatives of Ohio?

February 24, 2010 at 9:47 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

OK this is just silly- I received at least 10 emails from various campaigns either promoting their United Conservatives of Ohio’s “Watchdog of the Treasury” award.

I’ve seen their name on literature before and there are 15,900 results for their organization on Google, but I don’t know what they do. Nor did the three State Representatives and one State Senator I asked. I obtained a flier of their award ceremony from today, and even someone listed as a “board of trustees” member isn’t really sure about what they are.

Their address is listed at 4799 Fields-Ertel Road, Sharonville, OH 45241 which is associated with former Rep. Dale Van Vyven, who was clearly an incredible watchdog, winning the award at least 10 times. A treasury hawk!

The Representatives honored today were from the 127th General Assembly (some have moved to the upper/lower house of the legislature or are no longer in office):

Armstutz, Austria, Buehrer, Cates, Faber, Goodman, Harris, Jacobson, Mumper, Niehaus, Padgett, Schaffer, Schuler, Seitz, Wagoner, Adams, Aslanides, Bacon, Batchelder, Brinkman, Bubp, Carmichael, Coley, Collier, Combs, Core, Daniels, Fessler, Flowers, Gibbs, Goodwin, J. Hagan, Hite, Hottinger, Huffman, Husted, Jones, Ross McGregor, Reinhard, Schlichter, Setzer, Uecker, Wachtmann, Wagner, Webster, White, Widener, Wolpert, and Zehringer.

Phew! Maybe I missed someone, but I don’t care. You get my point.

And a handful of those listed are really staunch conservative types. But they are also honoring A LOT of squishy, tax hiking Republicans.

And even though he’s not the  most liberal on this list, the last person I think conservative legislators would honor is Jon Husted, as his shifting around of campaign funds at the end of the 2008 campaign took away from valuable TV air time and may have cost the House the majority.  So the only thing Husted “watched” was the majority walk away to the Democrats. But it may have been a blessing in disguise, scaring the once-inevitable Speaker Matt Dolan back to Cuyahoga County.

Their website domain name was allowed to expire years ago and is now owned by a spammer. But here is a snap-shot of their their low tech site from 2001.

I frankly don’t think this group does anything. No rallies. No fundraisers. No 527 TV ads. squat.

But they had really cool awards to pass out this morning. And they give candidates a group with an awesome name to blast out on email postcard pictures. For example:


If any candidate can send me a more awesome use of this award than the one above, I will gladly mock them too.

In the mean time, someone should start a real conservative club in Ohio (such as an Ohio based Club for Growth), help build TEA party groups, or work with the Ohio branch of the Americans for Prosperity c4 on one of their projects. Then when those type of groups give out awards, they might mean something.

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  • scottpullins
    They kicked me off the board because I criticized JoAnn Davidson for being too liberal.
  • Ouch. I would think a general dislike of JAD would be a uniting force for conservatives.
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