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Brian Rothenberg, Rush Limbaugh, & the Fundraising Opportunity that Almost Was

February 27, 2010 at 12:26 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

It is tough being Progress Ohio, our state’s fringe-left 501c4. Modeled after what lefties did in Colorado politics and funded by pot-smoking Peter Lewis, George Soros, unions, trial lawyers, the sodomite lobby, donors who already maxed out to politicians, Communists, Zoroastrians, jihadists, 9/11 truthers, and filthy hippies…. Progress Ohio has a tough time staying relevant in a state where unemployment is skyrocketing and voters are tired of job-killing Democrat policies.

Located in a dumpy 1st-floor glass-fish-bowl-style office, Comrade Brian Rothenberg, once the influential Ohio Democrat Party spokesman, is now reduced to spending his time in his office quietly watching people walk by to the BMV office next door. Throughout the day, Brian quietly sobs to himself, wondering if life would have been different if he would have picked a line of work that actually contributed something to society. If he isn’t a heavy drinker now, no one would blame him if he started.

So imagine the surprise when, after a closed-door “rally” held inside a union hall was not only reported in the official Communist Party newspaper, but also picked up by America’s most popular talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday. Brian reportedly clicked his heels twice and said to himself, “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

Now, Brian wasn’t too quick to act. After all, out of principle he never listens to that bourgeoisie WTVN and it didn’t appear in Media Matters exhaustive out-of-context clipping service.

BUT, three days later, it appeared in his Google Alerts. So he spent all day Photoshopping an appropriate email banner with a picture of Rush when he was 60 lbs heavier and blasted this out to the world:

Unfortunately, Rush Limbaugh never said his name.

And Rush Limbaugh never mentioned Progress Ohio.

He ALMOST did. In fact, the transcription on Rush’s website even adds in his name to denote who said what.

But Rush Limbaugh’s 20,000,000+ listeners never got to hear of the glory that is Brian Rothenberg.

Very sad.

But as a consolation prize, I have edited Rush’s “Ditto Cam” broadcast, so Rothenberg can finally experience the broadcast that almost justified his existence on Planet Earth. Behold!:

Update: Jackboot Thugs at Progress Ohio took down the video by wrongfully filing a claim to a video they have no right to. Click here to watch it. Shove it, Brian.

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    Don't forget Ohio Dems favorite "sex internet predator" with the people you list in your first paragraph.

    From WEWS TV - Cleveland - News Channel 5

    So who is Timothy Russo... a "sex internet predator?" Will he "hide his face?"
    In 2001, he was "soliciting a (young boy) minor for sex over the internet"
    Russo "lives here with his parents" in "Mayberry" (Middleburg Heights).

    "He became very explicit and was very forward with the child... it got to the point where he was sending pornographic images to the kid"

    (Russo) graduated from law school... at Case Western back in January 1994. He passed the Ohio Bar, but records show he never practiced law, here in Ohio.

    See the whole story here:
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    March 1, 2010 on WKYC-TV Cleveland by Tom Meyer

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