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Don’t be like B.J. Schuerger

March 1, 2010 at 11:22 am Matt

Schuerger Deserves a Wedgie & a Swirly

If there is one bit of wisdom I can give to parents to tell their 17-year old children… it would be to STAY AWAY FROM CAMPUS POLITICS. State and Federal politics is tough, but the universe of campus politics is small, insanely intense, and a magnet for the worst aspiring slimeballs in the world. You will make enemies that will last a lifetime.

And while it’s wise to avoid College Republicans, College Democrats, College Dixiecrats, et cetera- The worst choice for students is to join student government.

The Ohio State University’s undergraduate student government presidency has produced some of the worst political creatures imaginable, including Republican corporate welfare pimp Brian Hicks and College Democrat leader B.J. Schuerger.

Who is Schuerger? He was involved in what has been ranked the worst student government scandal in the country… EVER. I missed this excitement as an undergrad by one year:

Nobody likes bad press, but when you’re in public office you deal with it… unless you are Robert “B.J.” Schuerger. In 2001, the Ohio State student body president found out the school paper was running a story about campus leaders spending $2,250 of student fees on a steak dinner. If that extravagance wasn’t bad enough, the morning the story was set to run around 10,000 copies of the papers went missing. Suspicious. Once caught, Schuerger and other student leaders were put on disciplinary probation for the rest of college and had to pay the paper $3,200 for lost advertising revenue.

The stake dinner was at Morton’s. Schuerger and his friends spent the night traveling around campus destroying massive piles of the newspaper, as if that makes the scandal go away.

And as The Lantern mentioned in a 2004 editorial, it was known that Schuerger was involved in a scandal involving a high school club, Buckeye Boys State. How do you have a scandal involving high school students, where students only have to pretend to fill various roles in state government? The responsibilities were pretend, but the scandal appears to have been quite real! (Perhaps he deserved an “A” for the incredibly realistic simulation.)

And it only recently was brought to my attention that he was heavily involved in the ongoing Senator Capri Cafaro-Corleone scandals:

John J. Cafaro, recently retired as vice president of the Cafaro Co., has been charged with one count of making a materially false statement regarding a loan that was accepted by his daughter’s campaign manager, Robert “B.J.” Schuerger, 30, of Columbus.

U.S. Attorney William J. Edwards filed a bill of information yesterday in U.S. District Court charging that the elder Cafaro caused an official of his daughter’s congressional campaign to falsely report that he had contributed only $2,000 to her campaign when, in fact, he had given an additional $10,000 in the form of a loan to Schuerger for the campaign’s benefit.

John Cafaro was subject to a $2,000 limit on campaign contributions by individuals, the court filing says.

Sen. Cafaro, D-Hubbard, said she knew nothing about the transaction. Schuerger is a Statehouse lobbyist and William A. Anthony Jr.’s choice to replace him as chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party if Anthony steps down.[...]

Cafaro said she has not spoken to Schuerger about the incident.

“I honestly don’t know what he spent it on,” Cafaro said of the $10,000 loan. She said she hasn’t worked with Schuerger before or since.

Also, B.J. worked with Ted Strickland’s prostitute-raffling spiritual advisor Robert McFadden on Paula Brooks‘ previous campaigns. (B.J. was also a Senior Law Clerk at Brooks and Logan law firm in Upper Arlington.)

And now, this moron might end up as the Franklin County Democrat Party Chairman. That is, if he doesn’t end up in prison at this rate.

Kids, don’t be like B.J. Schuerger.

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  • John
    Ohh I miss slimy college politics. They did produce the worst kind of douche bags to populate our political system.
  • agreed.
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