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Effeminate ODP-Super Spy John Pollard Strikes Again!

March 2, 2010 at 4:39 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

As I reported, a reader spotted a nervous young Democrat Party spy at the Medina County Lincoln Day, nervously trying to tape record a Lincoln Day dinner.

Now he was spotted at the Ottaway County GOP lunch (2/25) and the Ashland County Lincoln Day Dinner (2/26).

If you see him at a Republican event, make sure to alert someone. But don’t tell his mommy or he will be like totally grounded.

And here is his license plate:

Update at 8:11pm-  He was spotted tonight at the Meigs County Lincoln Day, where he missed John Kasich’s speech and did not pay.

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  • Inspector Jacques Clouseau
    How many spies will be listening to Strickland at RootsCamp sponsored by ODP, Progress Ohio, unions and Perfect Storm Design (former ODP communication hack Todd Hoffman's latest pay-to-say-lie-and-earn patronage sucking venture)?

    It appears, Progress Ohio, the ODP and unions are no longer trying to cover-up their complete coordination as they so often did in the past. I completely expect Todd Hoffman and Brian Rothenberg to become the next Leo Jennings-type of patronage criminals. I can legitimately envision Chris Redfern writing Hoffman and Rothenberg blank checks for "win bonuses" and countless hack campaigns that are too low down and dirty for Chrissy boy to take-on directly at the ODP (ie - Dancers for Democracy and the like) and/or to they might get paid to organize nutjobs like 9-11 truthers.

    Just think, whoever spies at RootsCamp will likely have experience(s) of a lifetime

    PlunderDumb Eric Vessels might get in your face without justification or jurisdiction

    Or PlunderScum Tim Russo might drill your ass mercilessly (if you're a teenage boy)
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