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Cuyahoga County GOP Central Committee Meeting Miscellany

March 3, 2010 at 1:43 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Within a range of 5 more or less, I’ve heard different totals as to how many people bothered to show up at the meeting last night. Regardless, as I mentioned, the turnout was low. Compare that to the Ohio GOP, which requires a 2/3rds quorum.

AG candidate Steve Christopher was not invited to speak, even though he was in attention. The rumor is, one person failed to make a timely motion to make sure he could speak. But no matter the reason, it was rude. Cuyahoga County GOP Rob Frost should apologize to Christopher.

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  • Scott
    I think the comment regarding the turnout was more of an indictment on the current Cuyahoga GOP "leadership" and the total apathy it has engendered among the rank and file.

    Also, I think it shows that Frosty could be vulnerable in two years.
  • Anon
    Why the spin? The ORP [State Central Committee] quorum of 2/3 would be based on the 66 members, right? That's a heck of a lot less than 160. The 160 number is the same if not more than some counties, so who cares that it was a low turnout? What were the quorums in Butler, Medina, Clermont, etc. County they endorsing Yost for AG? The margin is what speaks to the issue IMHO. Wasn't even close...especially given the robo-calls made (regardless of who made them).

    The more this happens, the more I am convinced that this was about clearing the way for Mike DeWine. [Write it down], I don't believe that Kevin is that fricking stupid...to take "David" and make him an establishment "Goliath," and turn a prosecutor into a politician...negating the very two premises that built the "statewide support" that he claimed as the reason for the switch (after everyone else turned them down, mind you).

    Mauk can travel all over the state and do his "I'm one of you" damage control all he wants, they underestimated the people of this state because they did not once proactively reach out to community leaders and test the waters. Blumer had it right...arrogance and stupidity are self-correcting problems.

    Sweet justice would be that they are all very concerned about their livelihoods right now - just like the rest of us in this leadership-forsaken welfare state.

    Meet the fricking new boss...even worse than the old boss...NEXT!!!!
  • I'm not spinning. The Cuyahoga County GOP has a serious problem with membership. I resent your comment.

    The true spinner is YOU, for claiming these endorsements matter. Seth is doing what he needs to cause a fuss and fight the establishment. I admire that. Not sure what this has to with Jason Mauk.
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