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Steve Christopher, We Hardly Knew Ye

March 5, 2010 at 11:49 pm Matt

From Columbus Dispatch super blogger James Nash:

Two conservative candidates for Ohio attorney general have been disqualified from the ballot, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s office announced this afternoon.

Steve Christopher, a northwest Ohio lawyer who had sought Tea Party backing in the Republican Party primary against Mike DeWine, did not file enough valid signatures to make the ballot, Brunner’s office said.

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  • Tom Dilts
    It is easy to speculate about things we don't have the facts for yet. When the official data sheets are received and the reasons for declaration of non valid status of the signatures are known, then Steve can decide what course to take. It is rare that 3/4 of the signatures submitted were not valid, but the same thing happened to 4 other candidates. I also must say that there has not been an official report yet, just a news leak. Monday should be interesting.
  • Michael Cullison
    Already the right wackos see something nefarious here. Like Ron Paul, they see conspiracies behind every bush. Read O.R.C. 3513.05 Deadline for filing declaration of candidacy and O.R.C. 3503.21 Occurrences resulting in cancellation of registration. Not hard to see why only 638 of 2,700 sigs would be valid. The local BOEs check the petitions, not Jennifer Brunner. Old horse face would love to see DeWine have to spend some of his money now instead of against Cordray.
  • Exactly.

    As it was, my few posts on him were used by the ODP to send to the media in hopes of hurting DeWine. DeWine is beatable, but not by someone who can't even get legit signatures.
  • Tom Dilts
    It seems odd that 3/4 of his signatures were disqualified. We will have to wait until a business day to find out why they were axed.
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