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Controversy: Seth Morgan Kept Out of ORTL Sarah Palin’s Private Reception

March 6, 2010 at 9:40 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

There is quite a controversy brewing in the Seth Morgan / Dave Yost primary, which originates from yesterday’s Ohio Right to Life event event with Sarah Palin. (Media coverage can be found here and here. I’ll post video as quickly as it is made available.)

Since I was there, the first report is something I can personally confirm: Many Republican leaders were visibly in attendance and on stage. Also, the Ohio Right to Life PAC, which is spereate from ORTL’s non-profit 501c3, put its slate card on cars in the parking lot. Also Republican candidates, such as Jon Husted, also distributed literature. I suppose this is fine, but the Ohio Right to Life is so important to the cause of ending abortion that– especially at an event with the next Republican nominee for President– if I was running the ORTL, I would make it a specific point to keep anything else that is remotely Republican entirely out of the event. What the IRS giveth, the IRS can taketh away.

But the second report is more interesting: Seth Morgan was kept out of the private reception prior to the Palin’s speech.

I shook Morgan’s hand after the event and he looked rather distracted and unnerved. It was a mob of people trying to leave and he understandably had no time to talk, but today I have figured why he looked how he did.

Seth Morgan did not buy a ticket in advance to the reception, Sarah Palin’s people and major Ohio Right to Life donors invited him in- repeatedly.

What Seth Morgan was reportedly told was that there was simply no room at the $1000/ticket event. Also, a well placed source said they were a tight schedule and there was perhaps no room in the picture line for Morgan or anyone else… many other people were also turned away. But considering the red-hot nature of this primary and the bad PR this could cause, why couldn’t they have made an exception?

Things got so heated that there are reports that lawyers were involved.

While the Morgan campaign has absolutely no interest in commenting on thus, his supporters are speaking up. And I’m hearing through the grapevine that Tom Norris, Lara (Mastin) Norris,  Tim Crawford (who works closely with Palins’s team… The event wouldn’t of happened without him.), and many others were royally pissed because of this situation.

Regardless of why Seth wasn’t allowed in, things were so bad that they made sure to allow him into the Umberto Fedeli event today in Cleveland.

Not that it should have mattered, but the ORTL PAC has not endorsed in the Auditor’s race, and will probably give out a dual endorsement anyway.

And if the situation involved heavy handed politics, then the treatment of Morgan looks far worse for the ORTL than the distribution of campaign literature.

For such an amazing event, this is a horrible parting thought.

And the “squabble” former GOP Chairman Bob Bennett talks about in the Dayton Daily News continues…

Update: Sunday at 10am – Reports are coming in now that Dave Yost was also not at the event and was treated exactly the same, as Yost asked to be comped for a ticket but was turned down. So perhaps the way to have solved this was for candidates to buy tickets in advance? Regardless, Palin’s people and Morgan people were upset.

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  • Sapwolf
    I was at the private reception. What surprised me in particular was the number of Ohio GOP people including the DeWines, Jean Schmidt and others. It was sort of a whose who of the Ohio GOP establishment.

    Interesting compared to past Pro-Life fundraisers I've attended.

    There is no way Palin or her people were involved with Seth not making it because he is not the establishment choice. Sarah would have made time if she could.

    There were 112 people (12 more than originally planned) and I was towards the end of the photo line. They finished up around 7:00pm so it is quite possible Seth could not get in if he was late securing a ticket. They definitely were moving fast towards the end, and began to stop the signing of books. However, I wrote my blogger name "Sapwolf" in the lower left corner of my info sheet I handed to the people at the front of the line. I believe Sarah saw it and knew who I was and then they let me get my C4P shirt signed. I then presented to her as a gift from C4P a copy of Russell Kirk's movement book "The Conservative Mind". She held it up while I held the shirt up for the photo. Sarah mentioned she enjoyed what I said. I believe it was a reference to my interview with C-SPAN2 at the Cincinnati book-signing late last year.

    I'm also one of the Notre Dame 88, the ones arrested for peaceful prayerful protest of Obama being given the commencement address and an honorary degree at the graduation ceremony there last year. One of the 88, I believe Linda Schmidt passed away I believe last week.

    It seems like Seth Morgan is a strong candidate for State Auditor. We'll see what happens. I'm soon to be a new Precinct Executive in Symmes Township. I'm of the opinion that the party should not endorse candidates in primaries but let the primaries play out. I agree with Sarah that contested primaries are a good thing. The competition generally helps strengthen candidates and also hear the concerns of those not necessarily on your side.
  • Thank you for your report. From all accounts, Sarah's people wanted him in.

    Russell Kirk is a big reason why I'm not a libertarian. Sounds like a great picture opportunity.
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