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The Judicial Crisis Network is Wrong about Justice O’Connor

March 6, 2010 at 3:25 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday, I posted this letter from the Judicial Crisis Network. It was supposed to be an “exclusive” on my blog from an organization that works hard to promote conservative judges.

But the problem with their logic, according to election law experts, is that unless Gov. Strickland wins re-election, he won’t be able to appoint a replacement for Justice Maureen O’Connor. (Otherwise, Ted would perhaps appoint Eric Brown, Jennifer Brunner, Super-Duper Legal Eagle Kent Markus, et cetera.)

O’Connor will be able to wait long enough to resign her current position until a Gov. Kasich makes the appointment.

So unless the Judicial Crisis Network is assuming Ted Strickland will remain in office, I shouldn’t have posted their silly letter.

Judicial Crisis Network should apologize to Justice O’Connor.

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    O'Connor's a lock for Chief Justice! Watch her competition being shaky and unbalanced


    "Uhhh, the Ohio Democratic Party has stepped up. Uhhh, they are providing Uhhh, staffing and Uhhh, taking this race seriously. Uhhh, I'm here this morning with Uhhh, the Uhhh, the Roots, Uhhh, I'm sorry it's the Uhhh - RootsCamp. Uhhh, I'm working with Uhhh, Progressives here, to Uhhh, inform Uhhh, people."
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