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We Have Healthcare! Rejoice and Be Blad.

March 22, 2010 at 12:45 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Every Ohio Democrat voted in favor, except for Zack Space.

However, Bob Gibbs sent out an email tonight blasting Space:

“Zack Space cast a critical vote early on to set us on this path.  His retreat from his earlier vote does not absolve him from the blame for what will now happen to our economy and to already out of control federal spending.  Voters will hold Zack Space accountable for setting this in motion.  I will make certain of it.”

All young healthy adults like me have to do is to pay a fee (under a $1000) instead of buying insurance… Then when something serious happens, we HAVE to be offered insurance coverage. Don’t spoil my brilliant scam, Bob!

And to keep my plan going, Rep. Stupak was kind enough to cave. We need to cut costs somehow, and we can start by the disposing of the unwanted.

Finally, Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation’s vision of a health care mandate can be realized by all.

And for all of you actually responsible enough to buy insurance, your premiums will drop… BY THREE-THOUSAND PERCENT!:

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