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Terry Casey Explains Troopergate & Kent Makus’ Involvement on WTVN

March 26, 2010 at 9:26 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From WTVN 610AM in Columbus:

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  • paulesites
    What is wrong with someone working 40 years , retiring and start drawing from HIS
    saving account , rehiring back to the same ( similar ) job at a reduced salary , and many time reduced benefits . Remembering that the " re-hiree " must meet all of the
    requirements of the job ( teaching ) , renewing the Licenes , paying the Union Dues,
    keeping the College work updated.
    And for all of this we are reguarded as one who is taking advantage of the system .
    What Advantage ? I do the same work , meet the same requirments, all for less salary
    than I did before............. and when I retire again , the system WILL NOT buy my
    accumulated sick leave , as they do for others, they will not return to me all of the
    deposits I made to my retirement system ( State Teachers ) but rather retain 9%
    because I'm rehired .................. We are reguarded as one without a father ...........
    Not to mention that Social Security would only give me 20% of my earned retirement ,
    why, because I had another retirement system ......... but they charged me the full
    amount for 40 years of working at public works.
  • 2 things:
    1) You posted this in the wrong location. This has nothing to do with Troopergate.
    2) STRS is better than a private investment firm for you because no matter what happens to their portfolio, taxpayers back them up. Double dipping should be stopped. I don't particularly care if you pay union dues, and your sentence structure is annoying.
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