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AG Rich Cordray Loves It When the Federal Government Forces You to Buy Healthcare

March 29, 2010 at 11:59 am Matt

From The AP:

COLUMBUS — Calling lawsuits filed by more than a dozen states to challenge the constitutionality of the new federal health care law “a waste of taxpayer money,” Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray Monday said he won’t be next in line. The state’s top lawyer rejected formal requests from eight congressional Republicans representing Ohio and the 21 Republican members of the state Senate to file a lawsuit to prevent new mandates under the law from being applied here.

“We believe that these lawsuits do not have any legal merit whatsoever,” Mr. Cordray said.

Mr. Cordray said he did not discuss his decision with Gov. Ted Strickland, a fellow Democrat. Unlike some other states where the issue has pitted governors and attorney generals of opposite parties against each other, Ohio’s top executive and lawyer are on the same page.

“The first (argument) is that Congress does not have the power under the commerce clause to legislate affecting health care through an individual mandate that people purchase insurance,’’ Mr. Cordray said. “There is no individual right in the constitution to purchase health insurance. This is not one of the fundamental rights contained in the Bill of Rights… It’s a fanciful argument.”

This is a straw man argument- No one in the TEA Party movement is suggesting the Bill of Rights excplitly discusses health care purchases. And it is because it isn’t mentioned is why such mandates would only be constitutional if passed into law by individual states.

So now, the commerce clause, which is Congress’ power to regulate interstate trade, can be used to FORCE YOU to buy insurance or face penalties. Rich, a former Jeopardy champion, is smart enough to knows that is the true fanciful argument, but he dare not say so in an election year.

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