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Ted Strickland has HIV…

April 1, 2010 at 3:19 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

… infected Earvin “Magic” Johnson scheduled for a Columbus fundraiser:

As a famous basketball legend, Magic is probably the most famous person on earth with HIV. So isn’t it interesting Gov. Strickland’s staff would schedule this the SAME WEEK Ted missed the deadline for picking an administrator for the federal HIV drug program:

Taxpayers are expected to pay thousands of dollars because the state failed to meet a deadline for picking a new insurance administrator for an HIV drug program. This comes as the state faces an estimated $8 billion shortfall in its next budget.

Missing the deadline means the state must pick up the total cost to keep medically and financially fragile residents on life-preserving drugs, rather than just the co-pays for the drugs.

At issue is a federally funded program to help people afford drugs to fight the AIDS virus. Ohio uses a third-party administrator to handle payments, but Ohio didn’t get a new contractor in time to provide a seamless transition from the old administrator to the new.

As a result, processing claims and co-pays will be delayed at least four weeks – and possibly until June 1. The previous administrator declined to extend its contract, and the new one needs time to gear up.

The 4,000 Ohioans already being subsidized won’t be affected, officials said. But case managers at AIDS agencies say many clients are fearful.

“When you get information like this, it’s big news,” said Pamela Gibbs, president of the board of directors of the Ohio Aids Coalition.

Could you imagine more terrible timing? I wonder what Magic thinks about Gov. Strickland’s lack of concern for HIV patients and Ohio taxpayers?

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