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Shannon Jones and Michelle Schneider, Former German Village Roommates

April 5, 2010 at 1:38 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

I had no idea how personal this heated primary was:

When [Sen. Shannon] Jones, a former aide to once-and-possibly-future Republican Congressman Steve Chabot, was elected state representative in her Warren County district in November 2006, [Michelle] Schneider, who represented a district that straddled Hamilton and Warren counties, invited Jones to room with her during the legislative sessions in a house Schneider owned in Columbus’ German Village.

The two lived together in Columbus when the legislature was in session for the full term, which was to be Schneider’s last under Ohio’s “eight years and out” term-limits law.

The districts of both Jones and Schneider were in the 7th Ohio Senate District, which includes all of Warren County and all of the northeast and eastern suburbs of Hamilton County.

It was a seat held by Robert Schuler, a Republican from Sycamore Township. Term limits would have prevented Schuler from running for re-election this year, and Schneider had planned to be his successor. It appeared to be inevitable in the heavily Republican district – Schneider had Schuler’s blessing, and encouragement from most of the Republican leadership in Hamilton County.

Then, last June, Schuler died after a long battle with cancer.

The approximately 330,000 people of the 7th District were left temporarily without a voice in the Ohio Senate. The Republican majority caucus had the power to make an appointment to fill out Schuler’s term.

But Schneider said that, before Schuler’s death, Jones called her to say that she planned to run for the 7th District seat in 2010.

“She knew about my plans; everybody did,” Schneider said. “She just didn’t care.”

Later, Schneider said, Jones called her to say that she probably should move out of Schneider’s house in Columbus if the two were to be political opponents.

“Yes, you probably should,” Schneider replied.

Ultimately, the the seat was given to Jones, probably because she raised $170,000 from employees of northwest Ohio Public utility First Energy Corp and its coal supplier.

But, even though the Senate leadership probably didn’t take ideology into consideration, with Shannon Jones they ended up with perhaps the most visible, fire-breathing conservative the Senate has! And Schneider was part of corrupt former Speaker Larry Householder’s “broad squad” and voted for former Gov. Bob Taft’s massive tax increases. The choice between the two should be a no brainer for Republican primary voters.

However, I wish candidates would stop promoting United Conservatives of Ohio group:

“Am I guilty of raising some taxes?” Schneider said. “Yes, I am. Do I wish I could have some of those votes back? Yes.”

She pointed to a Jones mail piece that criticizes her voting record and shows a picture of a “Watchdog of the Treasury” award Jones received from the United Conservatives of Ohio.

“I have that same award,” Schneider said. “I am and always have been a fiscal conservative.”


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  • frances malicote
    We need people like shanoon jones. She helps the people that help themselves, not people who are looking for bail outs. She will get us out and if watchdog then so be it shannon. I will support you all the way with many votes coming your way. Keep your trunks up.
  • Steven A.
    Saw the stuff about Michelle and the elections commission. She must be about done.
  • goldenbuckeye
    The biggest fan of Shannon Jones , is well , Shannon Jones. She clearly is in it for herself and her ultimate goal - which is not to be a State Senator, but a Congresswoman. If I'm Jean Schmidt, I'd keep an eye out, and if I'm in the 7th Senate District and want a full time Senator w/ my interests in mind in Columbus, I would think twice about how focused Shannon Jones will be on me.

    However, the alternative isn't much better. Schneider sounds like a spoiled brat and a cry baby in this whole thing. I agree that Schneider is coming across as someone who appears to be a Country Club Republican who felt entitled to the seat. Guess what it doesn't work like that. And, it's hard to overlook the fact that when the chips were on the table, and it wasn't easy to stay committed to conservative principals , Schneider went along with the crowd and voted for tax increases. That is a big red mark. Think I'm being harsh? Well look at Mary Taylor. When she was in the House, she voted against tax increases and lost her seat on the House Finance Committee. Now that is being a real conservative, and it's why Mary Taylor will make a great Lieutenant Governor and hopefully more after we fix this mess in Ohio created by Ted Strickland and Co.

    So basically, citizens of the 7th Senate District, I think you deserve better. You deserve a better choice than what you have. For my money, I'd vote for Shannon Jones w/ my hand over my nose and wouldn't even put on the "I Voted Today" sticker because I wouldn't want to explain the vote.

    I guess a self centered, self promoting, ego maniac conservative is better than a RINO, entitlement attitude pretend conservative.

    Jones for Senate!
  • Brad L
    Michelle looks pretty damn desperate with her recent ad. Its no surprise her record isnt playing well, but things must be really bad for her. I guess Bob Taft Republicans are having trouble gaining traction these days. Who would have thought right??
  • MarkW
    “She knew about my plans; everybody did,” Schneider said. “She just didn’t care.”

    How dare you Shannon ! Michelle was entitled to this seat!

    Get real Michelle.
  • Brad Bieghler
    It's so irritating to see people like Michelle Schneider assume that she is an entitled successor to a public office. "How dare Shannon Jones run for that office, when she knows it's MINE!!!!"
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