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Dave Yost Proposes Budget Commission

April 7, 2010 at 1:27 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the Dave Yost for Auditor campaign:

Republican State Auditor candidate Dave Yost today proposed creation of a State Budget Commission of the Auditor, Treasurer and Attorney General to improve state fiscal planning and increase accountability.

“Every state budget cycle generates criticism and doubt over the numbers provided by the Office of Budget and Management (OBM), a member of the Governor’s Cabinet,” Yost said.

“Legislators deserve more accurate and timely revenue estimates and voters deserve more accountability from statewide elected officials.

“Ohio counties have been well-served by county budget commissions made up of the county auditor, treasurer and prosecuting attorney, which designate a revenue total and then make regular updates,” Yost continued.

“The treasurer knows exactly what is coming into public coffers, the auditor knows what is being spent and the prosecutor makes sure that the law is followed.

“A budget commission works for counties, it can work for the State, too,” Yost concluded.  “By making these important calculations the responsibility of specific statewide elected officials, voters will know exactly where to look when the numbers are wrong or slow in coming.”

Maybe the commission could do something about this Oaks software that Gov. Strickland’s retarded staff keeps trying to blame for fuzzy numbers.

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  • goldenbuckeye
    If Yost and/or Husted goes down that will equal the end of the Kevin DeWine experiment at the ORP.

    Kevin DeWine who screwed up Ohio Election laws as a State Rep. has now managed to foul up a perfect solution to the AG Primary by creating a Auditor Primary that has gone nuclear and this office has a seat on the apportionment board, nice work. Now looks like his buddy Husted (who found a way to blow 14 Ohio House Seats in four years as House Speaker) appears headed for trouble against a lady who is from wine country where GOP voters are few and far between. Husted w/ all his millions in GOP voter rich southwest Ohio is taking ques on how to run a campaign from Charlie Crist.

    Why Kevin DeWine couldn't find common ground w/ O'Brien is beyond me.
  • anon
    And why is Kevin spending big bucks on illegally putting State Central Committee races on their slate cards...fixing them up to look like "Tea Party" cards. Kevin afraid of losing his rubber stamp?

    ORP Motto: Win if you can, lose if you must, but ALWAYS cheat.
  • Anon
    Yost was a huge disappointment. There are only two candidates driving any success for the 2010 ticket and they are the youngest/brightest. Mandel & Morgan. The rest aren't worth a toss. They may ride a temporary wave, but they're still not worth a toss.

    RIP GOP.
  • TrueTeaPartyMBR
    I like that Yost continues to talk about positive change and his plans for the State of Ohio vs. bad mouthing and flinging dirt like others. Yost has my vote he is exactly what Ohio needs, change and back bone, he stands behind what he believes in and has a plan, he more than just talk. I am a grassroots, tea party member and I am tired of being tied to Seth, I didn't and don’t choose him for the Auditor, his inexperience and arrogance shows whenever I've heard him speak.
    If you were a 'True Tea Party' person then there is NO WAY you would support Yost. He sold himself to the ORP and gave Mike DeWine a free pass. Yost is a Benedict Arnold to true conservatives and Tea Party folks. Oh yeah ... and he has a TAX LIEN! Yeah that is DEFINATELY someone I want to be the Ohio Auditor. What a JOKE!
  • Guest
    You clearly have never heard Seth Morgan speak. He is the most humble and articulate candidate I have seen in a long time. Yost couldn't stand behind what he believes in because if that were true, he would still be fighting for us in the Attorney General's race. His press release on healthcare and calling on our current Attorney General to sue the federal government is a joke. If he really wanted to fight for Ohioans and Tea Partiers, he would have stayed in the Attorney General's race. This is the position he truly wants you know. Why else would he switch from being a county auditor to a county prosecutor? If he loved numbers, he would have stayed there. Don't kid yourself that this is where he wants to be. My ELECTION DAY VOTE is for Seth Morgan CPA.
  • buckeyegoper
    I think Yost beats Morgan. The bigger surprise will be O'Brien beating Jon Husted. The Kasich campaign is buzzing about internal poll numbers from the Husted campaign that look very troubling for Husted. Watch that race closely.
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