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Morgan Believes Yost’s Proposal Would Create a Conflict of Interest

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From Seth Morgan’s campaign:

The Friends of Seth Morgan campaign responded to Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost’s state budget commission proposal that he unveiled today.

Yost is proposing to create a State Budget Commission consisting of the Auditor, Treasurer and Attorney General for state fiscal planning and to increase accountability. However, there are deep concerns with Yost’s proposal that would call into the credibility and independence of the office of Auditor of State.

“This is a great example of the difference between having a CPA as Auditor of State and someone who served as auditor of county. A CPA like the Ohio Auditor both work to ensure independence and objectivity whenever issuing audit reports. A county auditor has no responsibility to issue such reports,” said Seth Morgan, CPA.

“To have the Auditor of State who is tasked with issuing an objective and independent financial audit report being involved with placing their credibility on the estimates of the revenue itself creates the appearance of a lack of independence in issuing that financial audit report. How does the Auditor of State first tell the citizens of Ohio what the revenues will be and then issue a report on the revenues themselves without being tainted by the fact that their credibility is already on the line?” said Morgan.

Additionally, the Governor’s role and the legislature’s role are to debate and enact the state budget. Seth Morgan has expressed major concerns in the past about the reliability of having the Governor issue the revenue estimates through his Office of Budget Management (OBM).

“Instead of creating a conflict of interest for the Auditor of State as Yost’s proposal would do, Yost should join Seth Morgan in publicly supporting House Bill 120,” said Rob Scott, Communications Director of the Friends of Seth Morgan.

House Bill 120 creates a Legislative Budget Committee and the Legislative Budget Office making a Committee of the Legislature that can be independent in its revenue estimates of that of the Governor.

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