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Ted Strickland’s Private Plane- Travels in Style, Finds Creative Ways to Waste Money

April 8, 2010 at 11:53 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

The brilliant Lyndsey Teter of The (Columbus) Other Paper reports that Gov. Strickland’s insistence on flying out of Port Columbus Airport costs taxpayers many thousands of dollars:

Gov. Ted Strickland’s official plane spends most its days locked up at Ohio State University’s Don Scott airfield in Northwest Columbus. The plane is owned, operated and housed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, which bills Strickland’s office $400 per hour for the privilege of flying wherever he needs to go.

Take a peek at the plane’s flight records, however, and it looks like where Strickland needs to go is Port Columbus International Airport. A lot.

In the last three months, for example, the governor’s plane, a Beechcraft King Air, has made the four- or five-minute trip to Port Columbus more than two dozen times.

In actuality, most of those trips represent the Strickland administration’s penchant for sending the plane to pick him up at Port Columbus.[...]

Though Strickland occasionally boards the plane at its Don Scott home base, Wurst said he flies out of Port Columbus 90 percent of the time. That might seem inefficient, but the governor’s office insists it’s not.

Read the rest here.

Gov. Strickland, an old man with signs of Parkinson’s disease, makes a team fly the plane between two airports so it’s more convenient for him and far more expensive for you.

If he needs such nap time, why would he be running for re-election? I think taxpayers should tell this childless Grandpa to retire.

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  • modernesquire
    While we're getting our facts straight, let's also point out that Strickland has actually SAVED the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars by not using the plane as often as Taft and Brian Hicks did.... OOPS!
  • Scott
    The Dayton Daily News story you're relying on is more than 2 years old. Do you have any current sources that support your position?
  • Michael Cullison
    Let's get our facts right. A Beech King Air is NOT a jet, it's a twin-engine turbo-prop.
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