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Jon Husted is as Serious of a TEA Partier as he is a Resident of Kettering

April 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

OK let’s brain storm for ideas for a new TV ad for Jon Husted…

Tax-Raising Jon Husted

Toilet-Flushing Jon Husted

CAT Tax-Creating Jon Husted

Ohio’s Taxes are Low and the Economy is Booming Thanks to Jon Husted

Larry Householder’s Handpicked Successor Jon Husted

Third Frontier Reviving Jon Husted

Pre-Obama Stimulus Loving Jon Husted

“Moderate” Jon Husted

PUCO-Loving Energy Re-Regulating Jon Husted

Delaying Tort Reform Until he Sufficiently Milked the Trial Lawyers Jon Husted

Short-Term Loans Opposing Jon Husted

Strickland-Hugging Jon Husted

Al Gore-Admiring Jon Husted

I Care So Much About Myself That I will Transfer Money from the House GOP & Lose the Majority Jon Husted

Governor Husted

No those are no good. I got it! TEA Party Jon Husted… with a Gadsden flag and God. YESSSSSS!

And this ad was playing so often on Fox News that once time it was even shown twice in a row.

I think the moderate Husted of 2006 wouldn’t like the super-charged conservative hero Husted of 2010. And I think it is an admitting that the squishy moderate Joe Hallett-approved Republicanism that he championed in the Ohio House doesn’t win elections.

Husted isn’t running against Sandy O’Brien. Jon Husted is campaigning against Jon Husted.

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