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Youngstown Vindicator Endorses Dave Yost

April 14, 2010 at 1:12 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the Youngstown Vindicator Editorial page:

Both are serious and thoughtful candidates who espouse a conservative fiscal approach to state government.

Our endorsement, goes to Yost, the more experienced candidate with a broader background. The state has had good auditors and bad from both political parties, and the quality of their service has not been defined by formal accounting education. Management and people skills and a practical view of how to get things done will best serve the holder of this office. And, given the broad responsibilities of the office, including participation in reapportionment, a lawyer’s training is at least as valuable as an accountant’s.

This is fantastic news for Yost, especially considering that with both candidates with low name ID, newspaper endorsements could perhaps introduce candidates to primary voters who are paying attention now that it is Ohio election month.

However, as an honest reactionary, I’m always deeply suspicious of Republicans endorsed by the MSM.

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  • steve
    Hey Colton, how stupid are you to post under your real name? You alone have now put Josh Kasich's name in this thread more than once. Great work jack ass.

    Also, to those who are hating on Dave Yost...why was he good enough to lose to Mike DeWine but not good enough to beat Seth Morgan? Should he have lost in a landslide and damage his reputation amongst donors, chairmen etc...or should he have gone into an open seat apportionment board that we desperately need to win and save the party?

    If you choose the first you are just flat out stupid
  • Guest
    Steve, it wasn't an open seat. Seth Morgan was the first candidate to jump into the Auditor's race. Dave Yost and Kevin DeWine are both responsible for the contested Auditor's race...
  • steve
    and Kevin Coughlin was the first candidate for Governor...so what?
  • scottpullins
    Colton and I disagree rather often, however, he's a great campaigner and he's doing nothing wrong by posting here.
  • I agree. I'm a big Dave Yost fan and Colton does a better job defending him than Yost's campaign team does.
  • Gene
    Yost prosecuted crooked politicians of BOTH parties, Rep and Dem, while serving as Delaware Co. Auditor and Prosecutor. He's a solid, honest conservative.
  • NoMore Taxes
    The Youngstown Vindicator also endorsed Marc Dann for AG, claiming he was the more experienced candidate with a broader background, and what did we get ?
  • Cthenson
    Marc Dann was corrupt and a cheater far before he was elected as AG. Dave on the other hand has shown nothing but principal.
  • JoMomma68
    Principal? What about switching to the Auditor's race when DeWine waved the nice juicy carrot of an ORP endorsement?
  • NoMore Taxes
    Agree, Yost would not be working for the people of Ohio, he would be beholden to Kevin DeWine and the few the held back, then gave him $70k to loose the primary.
  • Cthenson
    ah yes, the misinformed. He switched out of principal. He switched because he is the best candidate to keep the all important seat Republican.

    But yes, the people out there who think he had a snowballs chance in hell, are probably the same people who think Brunner will beat Fisher with her Courage Express school bus. grow up.
  • jomomma68
    Yost threw his principles and independence out the window when he became Kevin DeWine's lapdog. We cannot have an auditor who is beholden to the Ohio Republican Party. He owes them a massive favor now.
    Even Mary Taylor threw her support behind Seth Morgan. You work on the Kasich/Taylor campaign, right?
    Dave Yost is a poor campaigner. People are distancing themselves from him because his ship is sinking quickly. He has outraged the grassroots campaign so much than many of us would NEVER vote for him in a general election. He has been bought. He is damaged goods.
  • Cthenson
    One: I know for a fact that he called hundreds of his supporters asking what to do. When the majority wished that he seek an office that he was the best candidate with the strongest network to beat the Democrat.
    Two: Mary taylor did not throw her support behind anyone, she said the positives and negatives of a plan. By disliking aplan does not mean she endorsed anyone.
    Three: I interned for the Kasich campaign, and have been supporting John since the year 2000. John has positives to say about BOTH candidates.

    Four: Dave Yost is the best campaigner I know. He has won the hearts of many people, and has visited more of the state than Seth Morgan. He is the real deal.

    Five: If Dave wins, and you do not vote for him out of spite- you are as dumb as any Yost supporter that would not vote for Morgan. Giving the important seat to the dems- cut off your nose to spite your face.

    Six: He has not been bought. He is his own man. By implying just because he was endorsed by the ORP that he is bought- you are saying that John Kasich, Mary Taylor and Josh Mandel are all bought because the ORP endorsed team is bought and paid for.

    For god sakes, like who you want in a primary, but acting like Dave is tainted and ruined because of an endorsement- bull.
  • jomomma68
    Dave Yost should offer to return campaign contributions from people when he was running as the prosecutor not the politician. If he is so principled, why hasn't that been offered?
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