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TEA Partiers Don’t Buy Jon Husted’s Newfound Conservatism

April 15, 2010 at 12:46 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Chris Littleton of the Ohio Liberty Council, a major TEA Party organizing group, unloads on Secretary of State candidate Jon Husted in Lyndsey Teter’s article in The (Columbus) Other Paper:

[I]f Husted is counting on appealing to the state’s most conservative base, it isn’t working.

“It’s laughable,” said Ohio Liberty’s Littleton.

Even the least discerning Tea Party activists know Husted is not the flag-waving patriot that the 15-second ad conveys. And when it comes to Tea Party values, Husted has zero street cred, Littleton said.

When asked for specific aspects of Husted’s record that were troublesome, Littleton pointed to Husted’s recent support of the Third Frontier program that Tea Party conservatives consider to be “corporate welfare and gross redistribution of wealth,” said Littleton, who went on to more broadly paint Husted as an establishment candidate.

“It’s been said that all Republican values are Tea Party values, but I’d say that’s not true,” he said. “Taft, Voinovich and the Republicans who dominated the state in the last 20 years destroyed the Ohio economy.”

“Conservative activists are smart enough to realize that Husted was around for 10 of those years,” Littleton said.

Littleton hits on a key point there with the Third Frontier. It isn’t just Husted “recently” supported the Third Frontier, but instead it was Husted who helped conceive of the Third Frontier for fund raising purposes… and then after voters rejected it, he helped revived it by unconstitutionally tying it to a ballot issue for infrastructure improvements.

Without Husted, there would be no Third Frontier and we wouldn’t have a corporate welfare program which also violates Ohio’s 5% limitation on debt.

And it is this sort of stuff which leads conservatives like me to be skeptical about Husted. Even when he is vocal and correct on conservative issues- such as school choice- I get the feeling he’s far more interested in campaign donations from White Hat than from liberating students from the horrors of public schools.

Read the rest of Teter’s article here. It is especially fun to have Husted attempt to prove his conservative bona fides  by talking about his legislative cap on state spending, which was added to the end of tobacco legislation in 2006, which was the establishments way of tabling Ken Blackwell’s TEL Amendment. Not only is such a limitation easily ignored, but it doesn’t include anything expenditures outside of the General Revenue Fund. But considering Husted’s is a champion of the Third Frontier, legal limits on spending and debt don’t really matter to him anyway.

In the end, Husted will likely win his primary and conservatives should vote for him because of the apportionment board and he is politically savvy enough to issue directives which won’t be beneficial to Democrats. But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh hysterically at his stupid Gadsden flag ads.

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  • jomomma68
    This is backfiring on him. Even the MSM is taking note.
  • Inoe
    Don't forget, people, that Sandy O'Brien is nuttier than a jar of Chunky Peanut Butter, and dumber than a box of hammers.
  • PoliticalOutcast
    This reminds me of when Jim Petro ran ads in '06 pandering to social conservatives in the gubernatorial primary. This ad was just as painful to watch.
  • Brian
    He should just run as himself; a generally competant guy with a good temperment and reasonable intellect. It's the cynical dishonesty of this repackaging that is most off-putting.
  • exactly. But I think the ads are showing that, according to the polls, such a message would not work. If there was a better message, he would be savvy enough to know that.
  • Brian
    Wouldn't the truly savvy move have been not to run this year? Build up your conservative bona fides in the Senate and wait for a more "forgiving" environment to run statewide?
  • Jake
    This is an important apportionment board seat, and one that gets a hand in the elections, we need to quit bashing Husted and support him
  • Anon
    You mean "quit bashing Husted and do what the elitist establishment tells us to do." Which, has always been "shut-up, give us your money, your votes, your blood, sweat, tears and we'll slow down the progressive train."

    Screw that. The more we can teach the establishment this year, the more everyone will know what we expect in 2012. It's that simple.
  • WL
    How can you support someone that blatantly lies as he does? You mean, support a Republican, correct? We'll can talk after May 4 of any support for the elitist Husted.
  • not sure how he would do that.
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