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Gov. Strickland Goes Negative on TV and Borrows from SEIU

May 4, 2010 at 2:30 pm Matt

Racially tinged and with lots of class warfare, Ted Strickland went with the ad that he HAD to make. And this is only May 4th!:

And that just cost $500,000.

NAFTA has little to do with why Ohio is rarely considered for new business expansion. In addition, apporximately 55% of Ohio’s exports go to Cananda and Mexico (NAFTA TRADING PARTNERS)… which is more than 20% higher than the national average.

Fourteen years bbefore NAFTA, 2.7 million manufacturing jobs were lost… which is a trend that has been going on since 1944. The biggest enemy of manufacturing jobs is technological progress, as output still is high as the number of jobs decrease.

Unemployment has doubled on Ted Strickland’s watch, Ohio’s business climate is 47th in the nation, and Strickland just raised income taxes by 4.2%. But don’t blame Ted… just kick the foreigners!

So while our trading partners buy textiles, glass and products made in Ohio, Ted Strickland is just happy as could be to stir up the same class warfare that Democrats have used for 60 years.

It is right out of the playbook of the unions which own Ted Strickland… in fact, Ted even stole his ad from the SEIU’s anti-John McCain ad from 2008:

Meghan hasn’t found a job in 2 years. I guess she’s really counting on Gov. Strickland to extend those unsustainable unemployment benefits into perpetuity, unless making anti-GOP ads IS her job.

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