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Primary Election Results Fallout- Maybe TEA Parties Should Not Endorse?

May 5, 2010 at 11:41 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments
Dave Yost checks election results with Ohio GOP’s Political Director Jonathan Gormley and Victory Field Staffer Richael Williams

The headlines I was worried about seeing today were printed.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Tea Party’s influence ‘overrated’ in Husted, Morgan primary races

Landslide Republican primary victories by state Sen. Jon Husted, R-Kettering, and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost on Tuesday, May 4, indicated that expectations about the Tea Party’s influence were overrated, political scientist John Green said Tuesday, May 4.

“Activism doesn’t necessarily turn into votes,” said Green, director of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron.

Husted was crushing former Ashtabula County Auditor Sandra O’Brien, 68 percent to 32 percent, to win the GOP’s secretary of state nomination, while Yost was thumping state Rep. Seth Morgan, R-Huber Heights, 64 percent to 36 percent, to win the auditor’s nomination with 84 percent of precincts reporting.

And from the Plain Dealer:

Lee Fisher, Third Frontier win big in Ohio; Tea Party effect minimal and voters deny many local school taxes

And from elderly Joe Hallett in the Dispatch:

In a battle of Democratic titans for the party’s Senate nomination, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher defeated Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner but emerged relatively empty-pocketed for the fall campaign against a well-heeled Republican nominee, former U.S. Rep. Rob Portman.

With 98 percent of the statewide vote counted, Fisher was 10 points ahead of Brunner on a night that rendered the budding Tea Party’s bark louder than its bite in targeted Republican races for state auditor and secretary of state.

In the contest for auditor, the Ohio GOP-endorsed candidate, Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost, handily defeated Dayton-area state Rep. Seth Morgan, who relied on Tea Party rallies and Internet outreach to appeal to Republican voters. Yost, who benefited from state party-sponsored mailings and television ads in the campaign’s stretch run, held a 30-point lead en route to victory.

His nomination reaffirmed the power of the Ohio GOP to deliver victory for its endorsed candidates and exposed the Tea Party as a weak player. Although Morgan was endorsed by the Tea Party, Yost said he received “substantial support” from its members.

The TEA Party movement was born out of a general distrust of big government, and has grown organically through individuals organizing rallies and protests. It is a true exercise in the libertarian concept of spontaneous order, as there are truly no leaders of the TEA Party movement… and yet they collectively make things a nightmare for Congressional Democrats… With successes in rallying support to take former Senator Ted Kennedy’s Seat in Massachusetts and making such a convincing argument on healthcare that President Obama, a long-time advocate of single payer socialized healthcare, was forced to limp away from the debate only with Mitt Romney-inspired insurance mandates.

However, we see problems when supposed TEA Party groups start endorsing candidates… These 501c3s, 501c4s, and PACs are frequently run by Republican operatives who open the sails trying to elect imperfect candidates with that momentum, while making money in the process.

So the problem here is that the “TEA Party” wasn’t really in the race yesterday. Instead, Ohio had imperfect people- a wacky, unserious lady from Ashtabula and and a true movement conservative from Huber Heights- attempt to win elections based on their support for the TEA Party’s general frustrations with government. On top of that, just anyone who wasn’t an incumbent Republican county or state central committee member got to claim they truly represented the “TEA Party” and use that movement to settle personal scores and inner-party battles which existed long before Rick Santelli was a pundit on CNBC.

In politics, perception is reality. And just like plenty of candidates unsuccessfully tried to present themselves as the living embodiment of all-things-TEA, political reporters are only going to report on which candidates are screaming “TEA” the loudest. Never mind that Dave Yost, a candidate for a state-wide office which majority of Ohioans don’t know exists, has spoken at numerous tea party rallies and is true Buckley-style conservative. Never mind that plenty of new conservatives unexpected won central committee races. Never mind that a young conservative named Nathan Larger pulled up an upset for the 24th House District. And never mind that more than 100,000 additional votes were cast for a relatively unknown gubernatorial candidate named John Kasich than the incumbent Governor of Ohio. Never mind was a former tax-raising political named Jon Husted forced to run the most conservative-sounding state-wide TV ads imaginable. Never mind Mike Wilson, the founder of the Cincinatti Tea Party won the primary for the 28th House District. Never mind that candidates who publicly declared themselves sympathetic to the active TEA Party movement won 21 of 66 Republican State Central Committee races. The TEA Party is dead, because the liberal MSM says so!

The truth is, the anti-tax smaller-government movement is far bigger than any individual personalities. Our candidates since the days of Barry Goldwater in 1964 have lost a lot of elections and government has grown exponentially. But that doesn’t mean it is time to give up. And I pity the politician who, in the era of Obama, doesn’t fear the growing distrust of central planning and obtrusive policies.

And as for the Ohio Republican Party staff, they should be congratulated. With such low turn out, they understood that absentee voting in Ohio is becoming quite common as Election Day in Ohio is quickly becoming “Election Month.” They worked hard to for their endorsed candidates and for incumbent State Central Committees and had a hell of a motivation to do so: THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, AND IF JOHN KASICH WINS, KEVIN DEWINE WON’T BE OHIO GOP CHAIRMAN BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR. Having a strong showing was a way for the Ohio GOP staff to maintain the established order and keep their jobs.

Last night, the TEA Party didn’t win or lose- but individual candidates did. Dave Yost won, yet opponent David Pepper has more than $700k to spend. And the Ohio GOP lost, as they failed to understand the perception game of the TEA Party movement and found every conceivable way imaginable to endlessly annoy TEA party organizations. And the Ohio GOP, with a heavy emphasis on “coalition building”, is so sloppy in its messaging and strategy that they couldn’t win favor with a movement born out of opposition to liberalism and in support of the fiscal platform of the Republican Party.

In the end, Ohio remains a center-right state and activists will always matter. Candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, will continue to frame the debate in language of tax-cuts and economic growth. And TEA Party, along with wide-spread voter disillusionment, will continue to define the political landscape for the 2010 and 2012 elections.

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  • Sarahybeary
    Have you done any background research about this tax lien? Do you know how many average Americans have tax liens due to our over reaching government? Maybe you should open your eyes a little and know ALL of the facts before you start ranting. I don't know all of the facts either, but I have family members that own small businesses and they have been slapped with a tax lien over a $65. This is the problem with our government, you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent in a situation like this.

    You also claim "grassroots." Are you not aware that Dave Yost was campaigning across the entire state a full 14 months before Seth Morgan got into the race? Yost had his name out there for a FULL YEAR before Seth. Just because you were part of Seth's grassroots team doesn't mean Yost didn't have a grassroots organization. I know he did, I was part of it. I went door to door and made calls for him and he had an entire army doing the same. Yost also had many county endorsements, just because he didn't get Cuyahoga doesn't mean he didn't have support. Lastly, the ORP did not buy this election. Yes, the slate cards and robo calls helped, but they did not help with over 250K+ votes. Seth got it handed to him, it wasn't even close. Dave would have won with or without the ORP. The ORP can't generate 250K votes.

    Maybe you should take your mind out of a box and look at the facts. I know they are pretty hard for you to swallow, but it is what it is. They are facts.

    Now, you want to mess around with the apportionment board so other great Republican and/or Tea Party candidates don't even have a chance to get elected b/c the Dems have messed with the districts so badly. This is about the future of our country and our state, this is about bringing fiscal responsibility back to the state house, not sour grapes whose candidate lost in a hard fought primary. This includes Mandel and Morgan, both are in parts of the state where the Dems will take over. Mandel already is in a tough enough district, why make it harder for his successor to get elected? These legislative districts are not something to mess around with for the next 10 years, if not longer.

    Get with it and help the cause. I live my life knowing if I have a problem, I better have a solution. Sorry to tell you, the solution is not to dump Republicans or the apportionment board.
  • Rachel
    It's my vote, not yours. Yes average citizens get tax liens. I hold a County Auditor and AoS candidate to a higher standard.
    How can you not say the slate cards sealed the deal? Take a look at how it helped the SCC members.
    Yes Dave Yost won. Congratulations. No, I will not vote for him. Elections have consequences. The way Kevin handled this primary was obscene. I am an informed voter who never has voted straight off a slate card. If I vote for only Republicans it's because I personally vetted them.
    I find it unusal that I'm referred to in an open forum as "dumb" (by Jake) yet the rank and file don't seem a problem with former ORP Chairman and current SCC member Bob Bennett holding a fundraiser for Democratic mayor Frank Jackson. The ORP should be courting my vote. I should not be called "dumb" and told to line up under a flag of unity after being spit in the face. I am an American before I am a Republican.
  • Sarahybeary
    Again, you are stuck on this tax lien. That is your only straw to grasp at not to vote for Yost. You have no idea what happened. What if the government came after you and said you owe more than what you really do? If you won't get in line behind a slate card and told what to do, how is this any different? You just do what your government tells you without fighting for just cause? You will stand up for yourself when it comes to an election but you will just bow to your government and say, "okay whatever you say must be true, here's your money."

    HELL NO. Stand up to the government, this is the problem, the government reaches into our pockets too much the way it is, that is what the tea party movement is all about. Your logic makes absolutely no sense, you are picking and choosing because you are unhappy with the outcome of an election.

    If you have a problem with Kevin DeWine, take that out on Kevin DeWine, not Dave Yost. Do you even know Dave Yost? Have you ever talked to the man? Would you ever give him the time of day if he even tried to talk to you? My guess is probably not. To think that Dave Yost is anything but a true conservative is ludicrous. Yost is one of the nicest men I have ever met. He understands how effecient government should work.

    The AoS position is NOT about K. DeWine, it is about Ohio and the future, how can you not understand that? Withhold ALL of your money from the ORP, write letters, campaign to get K. DeWine ousted, but how in the world can you not see that Dave Yost will make a FAR better AoS than Dave Pepper.

    I didn't say I was voting for you, but please at least understand what your vote means. This is NOT a vote for Kevin DeWine, his name is not on the ballot, this is a vote to make government more accountable, keep legislative districts fair so candidates like Josh Mandel and Seth Morgan have a chance to win, and to bring jobs back to Ohio.

    Yes Dave Yost won. Congratulations. No, I will not vote for him. Elections have consequences. The way Kevin handled this primary was obscene.

    As you said, "Yes Dave Yost won. Congratulations. No, I will not vote for him....The way Kevin handled this primary was obscene." There you go again, this seat is NOT about Kevin DeWine.

    I encourage you to get to know Dave Yost, I encourage you to look at the facts of this tax lien, I encourage you to vote how you want, but you are right, elections have consequences. If Yost, Husted and Kasich lose, we will be the biggest losers, because we will lose control of our state for the next decade. Yes, your vote matters, but you can't hate someone you don't know and I don't believe you really know Dave Yost.

    You can bet your hat that if Seth would have won, Dave's supporters would have rallied behind him, because of the importance of this seat. Seth will have another chance, there will be other doors that open and if you are a Christian, you understand that God has other plans for him. This didn't work out for a reason; another door will be open. He is a good man, but just because he wasn't successful in the AoS race doesn't mean you should now hate his opponent because you don't like Kevin DeWine.
  • Rachel
    This article pretty much sums up how I feel about Kevin and the ORP: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageI...
    I don't *hate* Dave Yost. I simply am planning on not voting for him. Big difference.
    Here's a deal for you! Get Kevin DeWine to quit and I will consider voting for Mr. Yost. Until then, no dice.
  • Jake
    great article, well researched...oh wait it isnt. The Ohio Republican Party does not have this massive amount of resources, in fact the vast majority of party money given to candidates is raised by the Candidates themselves, through the state candidates fund.

    Here is your problem, you are STUPID, frankly the funniest part is no one cares if you vote for dave yost, i certainly dont, and i doubt dave yost does as well, because dave yost is going to get 75-80% of republicans, most of whom know that the apportionment board is no joking matter. I wonder what your background is that you hold some wild ideal over realistic concerns, i wonder if you'd amputate your arm because your finger was broken, thats what you are doing by raging against the "establishment" and writing in a candidate, who is not a write in candidate, so even if 99% of the population wrote him in on election day he could not win, as he isnt a registered write in.

    you need to look at how stubborn and foolish you are being, as for your credibility about you SCC you lost it when u lied about how many people were at your clubs meeting with morgan, so once a liar always a liar.
  • Jake
    "after being spit in the face. "

    Someone, anyone, show me how you were spit in the face, someone actually use a provable fact to show that Kevin Dewine or the ORP in anyway won this election instead of dave yost? And clinging to your tax lien is just stupid, which is why i call you stupid, because you are. Every argument you make has no backing, so you go back to the minor things, like tax liens or claims that Kevin Dewine manipulated things, not that your elected officials voted for Dave Yost. Also you have really put forth some great logical fallacies (Ignoratio elenchi is all over your arguments) this best is the Bennett thing, what does Bennett's fundraiser have to do with what we are talking about? absolutely nothing, see you created an OBVIOUS red herring, its laughable
  • Calm down Jake
    Breathe in Jake... everything will be ok.
  • Guest
    Wow. Can we please quit lumping Seth Morgan's campaign in with O'Briens? The Morgan campaign did everything they could with the resources they had. They showed up for endorsements, they did mailings, they did tv ads, they did robocalls. That is more than what O'Brien even cared to do. The truth is that the primary was Morgan vs. the ORP, NOT Morgan vs. Yost. O'Brien was truly the tea party candidate because she didn't have ANY GOP organizational support. Morgan DID have county support which should show that he had GOP and Tea Party support. Morgan and O'Brien are not the same. Those that say they are have been reading too many newspapers...
  • Jake
    Morgan and O'Brien were pretty much the same, yeah Morgan went to more actual republican events, but basically it was the same anti-establishment, speak to 40 people campaign, one that attracted similar voters between the two.

    The fact of the matter is Morgan and O'brien were inferior candidates who ran inferior campaigns. Morgan spent too much time at small tea party events instead of trying to raise money. Tea Parties in ohio are far to local to ever be worthwhile political tools, there are 3 tea parties in mansfield,oh. Where tea parties can be effective are in states like Nevada, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee where they are Large organizations with structure, who are actually run by people who know what they are doing, not just the guy who registered the website first.
  • Rachel
    Not true Jake. I went to several events with Seth. The last one was last week in Brecksville. The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans have 440 members. The Screening Committee gave Seth it's highest rating - recommended. He is the only candidate to ever have received this rating.
    You must remember the ORP slate cards had a picture of a Tea Party with pictures of Yost and Husted. Quite deceiving and misleading. I don't think it's fair to say this is the Tea Party -vs- the ORP because the ORP hijacked the Tea Party with those mailer.
    Kevin DeWine successfully purchased the primary for Mr. Yost on Tuesday. In doing so he stepped on the throat of the grassroots movement. I will not let my vote be held hostage by someone waving a flag of "Unity". No sir. I live in Cuyahoga County. Our county is in dire straights because people mindlessly follow a straight Democratic slate card. It would be remiss of me to plug my nose and vote for Mr. Yost when I don't respect him. I'm sorry but I cannot comprehend how the ORP thinks it is acceptable to have a nominee for AoS who had a state tax lien when he was the Delaware County Auditor. When I emailed Kevin DeWine about this he responded by saying "Mr. Pepper has his own tax issues to worry about." I guess this is the ORP's version of the Turbo Tax defense. Everyone else is doing it so it's okay. I don't accept that excuse from my children and I'm not going to accept it from the ORP Chairman or his AoS candidate.
    People have sacrificed their lives so that we can vote. My uncle was one of them. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let Kevin DeWine tell me how to vote. I plan to write in Seth Morgan.
  • Jake
    "And I'll be damned if I'm going to let Kevin DeWine tell me how to vote. I plan to write in Seth Morgan."

    I have no respect for people who are so dumb they would fuck around with an apportionment board seat.
  • Rachel
    Your comment is one of the reasons Dave Yost will lose. The arrogance demonstrated by the party hacks like yourself are driving people like me away from the party. I am not going to plug my nose and vote for someone I don't respect simply because Kevin purchased the primary for him and this is an apportionment board seat. Even if you told me mine was the deciding vote I would still write in Seth Morgan because I couldn't sleep knowing that I perpetuated the careers of Dave Yost and Kevin DeWine.
    If this had been a fair fight perhaps people wouldn't be so angry. How much money was spent? I see in Kevin's "Leadership Update" he boosts that more than 142,500 calls were made. You know what that does? That enrages me. That's a spit in my eye and other supporters who are upset with the ORP. That money would have been better spent fighting Democrats not fellow Republicans.
  • Jake
    yes im the party hack... not a semi-intelligent realist... Do you realize how dumb you look? What you claim is paramount to cutting off your foot because you have a splinter in your toe nail.

    "That money would have been better spent fighting Democrats not fellow Republicans." Gosh so Dave Yost and Jon Husted should have just sat on their butts and not spent any of the money they had raised and placed into the State Candidate Fund? why? because 29% of registered republicans dont like them?
  • Rachel
    Keep at it Jake. All you are doing is alienating people like me by calling me dumb. Let me explain something to you. My vote belongs to ME, not Kevin DeWine and certainly not to some putz trolling the internet insulting people.
    You are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine. This civil war was caused by Kevin DeWine, not me.
  • Jake
    haha you already made up your mind, and your decision is a really really foolish one (btw i saw the video of morgan's appearance at your event, there was no where near 200 people there, there was near 100 at the most generous estimates) you want to play games with one of the 3 most important election seats for the next decade, because of a tax lien (and you have no problem with your candidate talking about how wonderful Cordray is) and the fact that you would do that makes you just plain stupid. thats the fact
  • Rachel
    Keep going Jake. Keep calling me stupid because I don't drink Kevin's Kool Aid. Throwing stones at people like me isn't going to make me change my mind - or others like me- it simply reinforces the fact that the ORP is in shambles. With a highly ineffective and suppressive leader such as Kevin DeWine the party should be out begging for votes. Instead Kevin has caused a Civil War and people like you throw insults which just makes us madder.
    My decision on how to vote will permit me to sleep soundly at night. Dave Yost is unworthy of my vote and will not receive it. I am not playing games with this position. Kevin DeWine did that with his massive interference and suppression of the grassroots movement. My vote will not be held hostage by his actions. I will vote my conscience.
    There most definitely were well more than 100 people there. It was standing room only. Lots of anger towards the ORP. And guess what? This was in BRECKSVILLE! That says quite a bit about the state the ORP is in.
    It is time to overthrow the Emperor. Kevin has got to go.
  • Jake
    PS im glad your decision will help you sleep more soundly, you know rather than what it really will do and thats help ruin Ohio for the next 10 years.

    Theres nothing principled about cutting off your nose to spite your face, it just makes you look dumb
  • Rachel
    There is nothing principled about voting for a candidate for AoS who had a tax lien when he was the Delaware County Auditor. I don't care if it was as simple as forgetting to sign the check. I hold someone in that position to a higher standard.

    Blame Kevin DeWine for bastardizing the primary. Don't blame me for voting my conscience. He spent what $1-$2 million dollars and in the process stepped on the throats of the grassroots movement.

    I am a private citizen. The ORP didn't think I was as stupid as you proclaim when it asked me to be the Catholic Coalitions Chair for Cuyahoga County. I was going to devote 40 hours a week during the primary. Instead I resigned when they issued endorsements before the filing deadline w/o giving all the candidates a fair shake. I've spoken at length with Kevin about this. He was very aware that if he successfully purchased the primary for Mr. Yost that I would not vote for him and that I would be very vocal about it.

    Do you want to continue? I'd be more than happy to. I will turn this thread into a novel if you choose. Maybe you should check with Jason Mauk before you continue. The longer it goes the worse it will look for the candidate whose primary was purchased for him.
  • Jake
    yes the misguided anger at kevin dewine for what? asking yost to switch? thats the only thing he did, the ORP didnt spend any more because the ORP doesnt have any money, id bet 90% of the money spent was from money the candidates raised through the state candidate fund (same reason Mike Dewine got "party" money, because he raised it through the fund)
  • Rachel
    Try again Jake. The three slate cards I got (two of which hijacked the tea party theme) were paid for by the ORP. The robo calls I got were paid for by the ORP. The calls that the volunteers placed were paid for by the ORP.
    We can make this thread as long as you'd like but I promise you I will get the last word and I promise you I will not retreat or give up my vote to Dave Yost. He is undeserving of it.
  • Guest
    Morgan did not say how wonderful Cordray is Jake. Where, when, and what did he say?
  • Jake
    2nd amendment march, in april, on the statehouse lawn, columbus, OH.

    He talked about how great Cordray was IN his speech i know i was there, he also made a backhanded birther remark
  • Rachel
    And I'd like to mention that if you don't respect anyone who messes around with an Apportionment Board seat then blame Kevin DeWine. He's the one who caused this mess, not me. It's my vote he's seeking not the other way around.
  • Jake
    Yes its Kevin Dewine's fault the ELECTED OFFICIALS chose Dave Yost as the candidate, and he backed them.

    Yost made a decision, he decided to switch, whether you blame Kevin Dewine for that or not, he made the switch, and the people you ELECTED chose Yost over morgan, not to mention MORGAN GOT SLAUGHTERED.

    Now why did Morgan get slaughtered? because Yost raised more money and put it in the state candidate fund, while Morgan slummed around at tea party events in small areas talking to groups of 50 people. Finally the Biggest reason morgan got slaughtered, his volunteer base failed him. The ORP had hundreds of volunteers making CALLS FROM HOME for their candidates, and they volunteers tracking absentee ballots, while Morgan sent out little mailing, non-existent to absentee voters, who are anywhere from 5-20% of the primary electorate depending on turnout.

    As for Morgan, heck you wont vote for a guy who has a tax lien, i wont vote for a guy who tries to tell me what a great Attorney General Ron Cordray is.
  • Rachel
    By elected officials do you mean the SCC? Because I spoke with both of my SCC members. One said that when they endorsed Dave Yost was the only candidate in the race. No, actually there were three candidates at that time. The other said that Kevin told him Seth was invited to participate but decided not to. Um, no, not true. And you call me "dumb" and an "informed voter". What about these people on the SCC?
    How can there not be hurt feelings over this? Kevin DeWine soiled the endorsement process.
  • Jake
    id like to believe you about your state central committee people, but i dont, because i know better than to believe your outlandish claims that they didnt know who was running, because they had an UP DOWN VOTE on them, and MORGAN ACTUALLY GOT A FEW VOTES, so everyone who attended the meeting new what was going on.

    As for Dewine soiling the process? how? part of a chairman's job is to recruit and back candidates for the state endorsement, thats what he did
  • Rachel
    Well then Jake ask Nancy Suhadolnik because she is the one who told me that Dave Yost was the only one in the race at the time of endorsement. I couldn't believe it myself.
    Kevin clearly forced that endorsement through. Then he attempted to strong arm politicians supporting Seth. Not a healthy primary. Why not let it play out. If you want to endorse make it fair. Why would you even consider endorsing prior to the filing deadline? What sense does that make? All this does is alienate people like myself when you should be seeking out votes. Kevin's got to go.
  • Jake
    Kevin dewine didnt force an endorsement through, because he doesnt have that authority, your Central Committee people either LIED to you, or you are lying about speaking to them, im guessing a combination of the both, there was an UP DOWN vote on the two candidates, it was well documented, Yost didnt even get the nomination unanimously, plenty of CC Men and Women didnt vote for him, but they endorsed him, and you should back the endorsed candidate.

    See this is common among people like you, you dont get your way, so you start blaming people, first its Yosts' Tax lien (which he paid, which is in no way worse than openly professing your admiration for a liberal like Cordray) than its the ORP for wasting money "surpressing" a movement, i didnt see the national guard out there with fire hoses spraying you down. Yost raised more money, Yost spent that money, the ORP would have to have money to spend on the race...they dont.

    "Why would you even consider endorsing prior to the filing deadline?"
    What about all the people who endorsed morgan prior to the filing deadline...you know Ken Blackwell endorsed Yost...hes far from ORP establishment

    "ll this does is alienate people like myself when you should be seeking out votes."
    Not really, one you already admitted you arent voting for him, so it doesnt matter, second, the base isnt going to win this election, the independents will, Yost doesnt need you anymore, if he can keep his 70% and add 5-10% of Morgan supporters and win independents, which he can, plus NRA democrats who will vote for yost over pepper, and Yost can win.
  • Rachel
    Try again. No lying here. Perhaps the SCC members were lying to me or perhaps they were not understanding what happened. Nancy's husband does work for Ted Strickland after all.
    Wouldn't it be good if all Democrats supported the 2nd Amendment? I would love that.
    Well let's think about this. Of course I am not voting for Dave Yost. If he couldn't manage his own taxes I don't want him auditing for the state. Was it okay with you that Tim Geithner paid his fine and back taxes? Double standard?
    Yost has already lost two votes in my house. But I have the power to be vocal and you continuing this thread with me will cost Yost more votes I assure you. See if Jason Mauk wants you to continue. Tell him you are debating with "the critic from Cleveland" on a public forum on which he has no power to delete the posts.
  • Jake
    wow i meant Rich Cordray wow nice slip there...
  • Jake
    yep morgan went to events like that...how many of the 440 were there? 50? how much did they donate? u how many events did seth morgan go to with less than a 100 people? TONS.

    and really a Tax Lien? thats ur argument? u didnt have a problem with that when he was running for AG.
  • Rachel
    There were somewhere between 100-200 people there, but thanks for insulting the group! It's a huge group and one candidates are typically eager to address. Google it and you will quickly realize that you don't want to throw stones this way.

    Actually there was only one small event that I attended with Seth and there were about 60 people there but it was filmed and put on the group's website. But, I don't understand how this is relevant to your case. The ORP had to have spent $1-$2 million to suppress the grassroots movement. How could that be combatted?

    And I didn't support Dave Yost as AG. I wasn't aware of him until 2 days before he switched races. And yes, I would have had a problem if he was running for AG with a tax lien. How is that acceptable? An AoS or an AG nominee who had a tax lien when he was a County Auditor. When do we demand ethics from our officials?
  • Jake
    you didnt even know who DAVE YOST WAS UNTIL HE SWITCHED RACES? what an informed voter!

    The Ohio GOP doesnt have 1-2 million dollars...the vast majority of money spent with ORP disclaimers on them come from something called the State Candidate Fund, which is funded by individual donors, most of whom have maxed out to a candidate and are able to donate MORE to helping that candidate with mailers ect. Under the ORP name, the ORP does little to raise money itself... and everyone familiar with state politics in ANY state knows thats how state parties work, theres no big funding!

    As for the tax lien, thats just ridiculous, we dont know the circumstances behind it, and Yost PAID IT
  • Rachel
    "you didnt even know who DAVE YOST WAS UNTIL HE SWITCHED RACES? what an informed voter!"

    You seriously expect people to know about every single candidate in a primary 3 months before voting? Dave Yost sent me a FB friend request telling me he was running for AG. 2 days later he posted that he was switching races. He made himself known to me.

    I am an informed voter. I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering over the past year and got the RPCC Volunteer of the Year Award last month. Would you like to continue throwing stones at me? I promise you it will only enbolden me. I highly suggest walking away now. I will be happy to continue if you choose.
  • drvinnyboombotz
    The tea party is more of a local deal right now. They did have some successes on the local level. You saw it in the Columbus area with some upsets in local races there. The ORP is better organized and financially stronger than the tea partiers. The tea party is not really an organized group. It is a collection of local groups. The "tea party values" or issues are being talked about when they were not for many years. I believe that is a good thing.

    Ultimately it was Seth Morgan and Sandy O'Brien who lost. Their campaigns were non-existent. Husted and Yost, through the ORP, did make an effort to get my vote through mailers and media. I did not see anything from Morgan and O'Brien, and I voted for them. I'm sure I was not the only one. Candidates have to make an effort to get in contact with voters. The Husted's, Yost's, and Nathan Larger's of the world made that effort and won.

    Even though I have serious concerns about Husted and Yost, they will have my vote in November.
  • Agreed. Thank you.
  • Mark from WMD
    For the Record, I am not the Mark who was working the polls. I live in Brown County. However, I think Seth was ahead of the game, not behind it. His was an internet grassroots campaign, but unfortunately, as others have said, you do need a traditional campaign of mailers and media, etc. and Seth did not have enough of it and Sandy, well, Sandy is Sandy. What galled me was the central committee nonsense. I think Jason M. and Co. were so paranoid (and rightfully so) about losing their gigs that they spent a hellacious amount of money on a primary...for state central committee seats. I think the state central committee should not endorse themselves. I think that is a bit ridiculous. That, along with questionable reporting by Yost blogger really soured me this primary. However, Matt Naugle is right. We can't give up. We must continue to beat the ORP's head with conservatism and keep fighting the good fight. See ya and God bless.
  • Clemm
    Wait just a minute...hold the phone. Before we dismiss the tea partiers, maybe we should extraplolate Mark's (see earlier post) surely 100% accurate observations from one polling location in Butler County to the entire state?!?! HA! Mark, the Libertarians are callings.
  • I agree. I don't think Mark makes a convincing argument.
  • patrick
    It's not arrogance Matt. Its the realization that we need candidates who can win 50.1% of the vote amongst all voters, not candidates that satisfy a very vocal minority of the party.

    I think when you represent what is 3 of every 10 members of a political party you better start looking for whats good in candidates, rather than whats bad. Because you'll always be disappointed, either in the candidate, or the election results
  • No, Patrick. You are creating a false paradigm then tearing it down, while skipping over all sorts of inner-party dynamics. The concern here is that conservative candidates win elections- We tried the McCain/Taft/Householder route and it doesn't work.

    Conservatives are always disappointed, as government continues to grow no matter what. But that doesn't mean we stop the fight. You make it sound as if such a concern is secondary to whatever cheap political calculating you're implying.
  • Mark
    I worked the polls for 13 hours in Butler County, southwest Ohio. 80% of the voters were the targeted over 60 year old crowd, and they all came to the polls holding their mass mailing postcards and slate cards. In Butler County the "non" party voters out number registered Republicans 3-1. In November the slate cards, robo calls and mass mailings won't mean a thing to independents as the ORP doesn't understand it's base, and no amount of money will get voters to accept Dave Yost and Mike DeWine when left with no choice. One young first time voter I interviewed had brought a list of candidates prepared by his father. He couldn't read some of his dads writing so he said he guessed. Those are the voters the ORP loves.
  • patrick
    I think what you can take away from this is that the Tea Partier's are not in a position to "demand" anything from the ORP etc. The "establishment" candidates kicked the crap out of Morgan and O'Brien. The Tea Party folks can have a role in shaping the State Central Committee and keeping the party honest as conservatives, but they better be willing to get along, or they will continue to lose elections by 30 points or more and thats just a primary! The base of support is not as wide as thought
  • "They better"? No, conservatism wins elections. I think it's the party who has to reach out, not the other way around.
  • patrick
    Well Matt, the party just won by over 30 points in both races, you tell me who is in better position.

    The Seth Morgan supporters threatening to vote Libertarian are the silly ones here
  • They shouldn't vote libertarian. But it is your sort of arrogant attitude that will continue to annoy the Republican's conservative base to no end.
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