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May 6, 2010 at 10:31 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Update: Lefty Ohio bloggers don’t understand what “fair use” is and had the video illegally pulled from Youtube. You can watch the NRSC ad here.

Since the NRSC made what will be perhaps the best web ad of the election cycle with this, I thought I would post the uncut Fisher video again from Jason’s (his son) documentary, Swing State:

And here Lee is, at his home, where he has apparently never met the family dog:

I’m the guy in the black coat shooting the WWI water-cooled machine gun with my eyes blurred out as if I’m a criminal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reactions of those two liberal brats: Peggy Zone Fisher and the pinhead daughter.

This was filmed by Jason’s producer who shamelessly pretended to be an Iraq war vet and dressed in a military uniform that was not his:

I like how Lee, the founder of Handgun Control, Inc., is such a politician that he is contemplating a machine gun party. I think Lee has a clumsy, Joe Biden quality about him and deserves to be mocked endlessly.

And there is more to this story too, as Jason was calling up maxed-out Fisher donors asking for contributions for his latest documentaries, which is a convenient way for donors to give directly to the family. This is highly unethical and worth investigating.

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  • bhhillyer
    I am hopeful that the NRSC will follow up with the television version. I am surprised that David Potts went as far as to have the video removed without think thinking about fair use. I am sure if he wants a legal challenge, he will get it.
    I think it just goes to show how powerful the video was that the leftists went crazy over it.
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