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More T&A You Never wanted to see

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Good Lord:

Such modesty!

I would think Ohioans would love to return to the so-called Bush economy, where unemployment was roughly at the full rate of 5%. It was a time when taxes were cut, investment grew after a cut in capital gains, and it was an era when “swelling national debt” by billions of dollars actually sounded like a lot of money.

This tired, old mercantilist argument has to exhaust Ohio voters, and is certainly not a winning message… when it was Gov. Strickland and Job Czar Lee Fisher who saw unemployment DOUBLE on their watch, while income taxes and fees were raised on struggling Ohio families.


The far-left Wonkette blog properly mocks:

Hey, people taking off their shirts …. old people, chunky people … to make, uh, a typically dumb/strained Democrat political point, that actually makes no real sense, and is just gross. Go to a website and the Democratic Party will send, uh, a shirt to Rob Portman, because he’s some Bush slimeball who is to blame for the Global Financial Collapse, we guess?

And if you have no job, in Ohio, what you really want is for the f*cking Democratic Party to spend money on f*cking T-shirts to send to Rob Portman’s campaign office, where they’ll sit in boxes until somebody takes them to the Goodwill with all the other shirts donated by broken-up bands and failed campaigns. And then, poor people of Ohio, maybe then you can have a $4 t-shirt again. Jesus f*Fcking christ.

What has been fun to watched is a supposedly outraged Ohio media spend a week covering an ad which was never put on TV… It truly shows you the power that a viral internet video has.

Here is the Dayton Daily News’ cartoon:

And a morally OUTRAGED, “purportedly” unbiased political reporter Joe Hallett, questions Senator Cornyn’s “purportedly” religious convictions:

Politics is the new porn. And Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is a purveyor of it.

Rob Portman, Ohio Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, tacitly embraces political porn.

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Portman’s Democratic opponent, plays the innocent victim – and then cynically tries to profit from political porn.

There is no gutter deep enough for where this column is headed. If you’re already sick of the 2010 campaign in Ohio, read no further. This might make you barf.

Last week, the National Republican Senatorial Committee created an attack ad against Fisher and ensured that it went viral. The ad was stunningly crass, its sexual explicitness alarmingly vile. The NRSC took footage from Swing State, an otherwise charming documentary by Fisher’s son, Jason, and Jason’s college buddy, John Intrater, about the 2006 race for governor.

Late one night, Jason snuck into his father’s study, John following with camera, and they found Fisher shirtless and hunched over his laptop. “Out, out, out,” Fisher protested, but the filmmakers insisted on interviewing him. After he was elected lieutenant governor, Fisher asked that the bare-chested scene be edited out, but Jason persisted.

Fisher’s instincts told him the footage could end up being used to embarrass him but never fathomed that Republicans would make him the star of their porn movie. Under the guise of criticizing Fisher as “job czar” while 350,000 jobs fled Ohio during a recession, the Republicans created an ad that would make a triple-X starlet blush.

Political scientist John Green, an expert on Ohio politics, showed it to students and faculty members at the University of Akron and to a person – Democrat, Republican and Independent – they cringed, adjudging it “uncalled-for,” Green said.

Using provocative music and sexual double-entendres, the NRSC froze an image of Fisher with one hand on his bare chest and the other out of sight below his belt. NRSC applied an undulating effect to make it appear that Fisher was masturbating. Unsubtle messages flash on the screen, saying “He didn’t get the job done,” and, “He was more concerned about his job than yours.”

Mind you, this video was not the basement handiwork of a beer-bellied blogger. This was done by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the official campaign arm of Senate Republicans headed by the purportedly religious Cornyn. The eyes of Texas and the scorn of voters should be on Cornyn and every other member of the Senate GOP caucus for finding a new way to obliterate the boundaries of good taste.

Joe Hallett is an ass, who rotates between 2 column ideas: mud slinging in politics is bad and tax increases are good.

And no matter what a bunch of half-wit kids at Akron University think, negative ads work… The ad had a serious message and it certainly grabbed attention. Team Portman, which totally wussed out by denouncing an ad that they certainly had a hand in, could spend millions of dollars on television in today’s era of DVR and not get nearly as much attention.

I think the exposed nipple stuff is weird enough for it to last into November. The NRSC, which has a rather stiff and formal image, should be congratulated for taking the gloves off and getting serious about winning back the majority.

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