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Marc Dann Really Didn’t Want to Hire his Long-time Dirtbag Friends, Blames Rich Cordray?

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From James Nash in The Dispatch:

Former Attorney General Marc Dann said he recommended a friend and neighbor for a key position in his office, secretly hoping that the man’s trouble-filled background would prevent him from being hired.

But Dann’s office did end up hiring Anthony Gutierrez as general-services director and, within months, Gutierrez’s scandalous behavior – drunkenness, misspending of state money, harassment of subordinates – ended up costing Dann his job.

The souring relationship between the two men, and the ultimate consequences for Dann’s political career, is detailed in the transcript of a three-hour interview that Dann gave to investigators last month as they wrapped up a criminal investigation of Ohio’s former top lawman.

And from James’ Daily Briefing blog post from yesterday:

Richard Cordray, ever the opportunist, smelled blood.

It was the summer of 2007 and then-Attorney General Marc Dann was just a few months into his term. But Dann was failing as Ohio’s top lawman, and press accounts were beginning to detail his blunders.

Cordray, a fellow Democrat and the state treasurer at the time, was preparing to take on Dann for his job in the 2010 Democratic primary, Dann said in an interview he granted to investigators April 27 as part of the criminal investigation of the former attorney general. Dann disclosed Cordray’s aspirations while discussing his own political operation, which got Dann into legal trouble.

Dann said he worked assiduously to lock down support from Democrats and law-enforcement officials to deter Cordray from challenging him.

Dann said his political operation was focused on “building friendships and relationships so that if I were to have a primary challenge in 2010, … I would be able to call in those chips and Rich wouldn’t be able to run against me.”

Interesting, in fact this is all lies. Marc Dann is an arrogant, corrupt, undisciplined man who has trouble controlling impulse. There is NO WAY Treasurer Cordray would have been able to unseat a current Attorney General until these scandals broke… But to hear Dann tell the story, it’s as if Cordray forced him to run his office in a hyper-political fashion and thus Cordray is somehow to blame.

This man is disillusion and should have seen jail time.

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