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RGA Spends $250K on Ad for John Kasich. Mediocre. Oh hum

May 21, 2010 at 10:29 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

What do you think? Maybe the bar was set high with images still floating in my head of Senate candidate Lee Fisher shirtless and masturbating.

The messaging is correct- Unemployment did double on Ted Strickland’s watch and its now a 11%, with many counties in far worse shape than that.

But this this the way to present it? These actors seem to be barely awake, with awkward pauses. Please watch, and if I’m simply being too jaded, leave a comment because I’d love to be wrong:

“He didn’t get the jobs done?” That’s the zinger?

And this is all that can be said about Troopergate?

Here is the ad that the RGA ran to support Ken Blackwell in 2006. As a Blackwell staffer, I remember being quite upset with it too. Bright red coloring, a gentle overview of one of Ted Strickland’s many socially liberal positions, and general lameness:

Conservative blogs should attack this ad, in hopes of urging the RGA to stop wasting money.

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  • john_edwards
    it's a very good ad. it belittles ted. makes him sound incompetent, pathetic
  • I hope you're right.
  • Watching
    You and Uncle Fester ("oops, I'm gonna lose my law license) don't like the ad because Ken "Worst candidate since Burch" isn't running for Gov
  • what are you talking about? I'm not allowed to like a candidate but dislike an ad? Watch your mouth.
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