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Ted Strickland is Proud to be Anti-Choice on Education, Stars in OEA Ad

May 24, 2010 at 1:57 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

The income tax discussion should be a clear indicator to you that only a Gov. John Kasich has the plans and (hopefully!) the testicular fortitude displayed by NJ Governor Chris Christie which it will take to get through Ohio’s looming $8 billion dollar deficit, which is on top of serious public pension concerns and billions of dollars in loans for unemployment compensation that Ohio owes to the Federal government. Ohio’s budgetary problems are a nightmare, and the status quo isn’t working.

The income tax, which only dates back to Gov. Gilligan’s administration, is a hindrance to high net-worth individuals and small business owners who could just as easily live and conduct business in a lower-tax state. While phasing it out completely may be impossible, having a series of bench-marks for gradual reduction of the income tax over the course of a decade is not only possible, it is NECESSARY if Ohio wishes for their economy to look less like Michigan and more like Texas. How refreshing it would be to have a Governor like John Kasich who actually looks in the direction of tax cuts, instead of Strickland who added a retroactively increased the income tax by 4.2% in December 2009.

And when Richie Rich David Pepper promotes Ted Strickland’s work on public education, this is what he is talking about:

  • Reducing education funding, and breaking a long-standing tradition by cutting funding for Catholic and Protestant Schools by 500% more than public schools.
  • 9% of education funding is from the Federal Government, much of which is one-time stimulus money that evenStrickland admits won’t be renewed.
  • A “Evidence Based Proposal,” which suggests to “SPEND MORE!” All the evidence points to is that districts can’t afford such proposals and the state will never be able mandate. For example, Ted Strickland campaigns on his mandate for universal all-day kindergarten, but allows any cash strapped school district to easily opt out.
  • Spend time hopelessly campaigning for “Race for the Top” Federal education dollars which many school educrats think isn’t worth their time applying for. Even Ted’s own State Superintendent Deborah Delise could care less about securing this funding.

If this is the sort of agenda that John Kasich will move Ohio away from, then sign us up!

School choice is about empowering parents, no matter their financial situation, to give their children a quality, customized education which also reflects their values and traditions, and do so at perhaps a lower cost.

Ted Strickland, as a former congressman from Appalachia, is probably acutely aware of how bad public education can be. But he is shamefully willing to disregard to the plight of impoverished students if it means political support and campaign contributions from teacher union cronies.

John Kasich campaigns on plans to expand school choice while improving the percentage of education dollars that are actually spent on students. Kasich’s only “hostility” is focused on educrats and politicians who stand in way for a better education for children.

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  • Rep. John Adams
    Big difference between supporting education and supporting "out of control spending" unions.
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