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Divine Intervention Has Inspired Pastor Strickland To End His Inmate Booze Party

May 27, 2010 at 6:53 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Mark Niquette in The Dispatch:

After vigorously defending a program allowing inmates to work at the Governor’s Residence during a long-running controversy involving an aborted contraband sting at the Bexley mansion in January, Gov. Ted Strickland suspended the program today after learning an inmate consumed alcohol while working there today.

It was well established that inmates at the Governor’s mansion had easy access to alcohol, and was widely assumed that an inmate fell through a window was drinking. Strickland repeatedly denied that alcohol consumption took place, despite all evidence to the contrary AND Strickland’s prior work as a prison psychologist where he had to become acutely aware of how often inmates attempt to break rules.

The inmate program at Gov. Strickland’s mansion has been a disgrace, and to say Strickland has been slow to react would be polite, as his insistence to stop any discussion of improving the security protocols at his home is beyond puzzling.

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