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Ted Strickland’s Main Street Values?

June 17, 2010 at 9:30 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

"Your small donations are not of interest to us."- T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII, Ohio Democrat Party

This quote from his campaign is quite arrogant and elitist:

In fact, the study shows that 80 percent of Kasich’s contributions were $100 or less, compared with 37percent for Strickland. And Kasich got nearly 31/2 times as many contributions as Strickland did during the same period.

But Strickland’s campaign says the gap is misleading because Kasich is spending thousands of dollars on consultants to solicit contributions and still has not been able to overcome the governor’s $2 million lead in cash on hand – even though the governor’s campaign shelled out several hundred thousand dollars for its first TV ad.

If the strategy were working, Kasich would have outraised Strickland during the most recent fundraising period and cut into the governor’s lead, said Lis Smith, Strickland’s campaign spokeswoman.

“It’s not some groundswell of support,” Smith said. “He is paying to get these small donors, and frankly, it’s not a good investment.”

Still, Kasich has collected $1million more than Strickland since Kasich started fundraising, and Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols pointed out that Strickland was able to outraise Kasich in the most recent reporting period only after receiving $100,000 from the Ohio Democratic Party the day before the reports were due.

Is that really the message to send to Ohio voters? That everyday, average freedom-loving Ohioans are really wasting their time by sending in smaller campaign contributions to candidates of their choice?

Are they paying for these small donors? On some level- That is true. Kasich’s team has one of the most effective Google ad buys I’ve ever seen from a campaign. And it’s a good investment because those ads can be limited to geographical location and reaches audiences which are spending less time watching tv ads… especially in the era of DVR… and attracts younger voters who are especially turned off by telephone robocalls or other, more traditional methods of campaigning.

But what Winnie Cooper fails to note is, most of Strickland’s donors were actually small too- They just came in the form of dues to various unions- which employees were FORCED to pay in a closed-shop state like Ohio- and which was subsided by taxpayer dollars after Strickland’s executive order expanding unionization (corruption which The Dispatch harshly criticized on Sunday). Strickland doesn’t care about small donors because hes taking what he wants, if you like it or not!

Democrats will always have a fund raising advantage, as the unions and shady, 3rd-party organizations of the institutional left provide campaign resources… much of which doesn’t need to be publicly reported by law. But the truth is, Ted Strickland simply does not have motivated, grassroots support in Ohio and he is using the power of his office, major special interests, and union thuggery to compensate.

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