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OH-12: Ohio Right to Life Hammers Carpetbagger Brooks on Her Support for Taxpayer-Funded Abortions & Sex Ed

July 7, 2010 at 12:01 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the Ohio Right to Life:

Today, the Ohio Right to Life Society called upon on Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks, who was recently endorsed by EMILY’s List, to address two specific questions relating to her alleged fiscal prudence. A recent General Accounting Office report indicated that six abortion-providing or promoting organizations received more than $1 billion in federal funding between FY 2002-2009. By far the most funding, $657.1 million, went to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates, who performed 305,310 abortions in 2007. Planned Parenthood is far better at feeding from the public trough than convincing individuals to donate to their cause. In FY 2008, Planned Parenthood affiliates received 88% more from government grants and contracts ($349.6 million) than contributions and bequests ($186 million). An October 14, 2009 Columbus Dispatch article indicated that Brooks voted to “squeeze” $50,000 out of the county budget for a grant to Planned Parenthood to teach sex education to Columbus kids. Brooks, at the time of the vote, indicated that Planned Parenthood had been a regular recipient of grants from the county. Brooks’ campaign website claims that she has “a reputation for strong fiscal prudence.” However, if she thinks “squeezing” money out of a tight county budget to pay an abortion-provider to teach kids about sex is the best use of public funds while folks struggle to make ends meet, what will she do if she has a say about the huge federal budget? The Ohio Right to Life Society and its members have two simple fiscal questions for Paula Brooks: 1) Do you support using our tax dollars to pay for abortions? 2) Would you support limiting government funding to Planned Parenthood to no more than the amount it can raise in donations from private individuals and groups?

Emily’s List is a radical pro-abortion group, but was attacked yesterday by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner as too “establishment.” Question: During the school day, what could possibly be more important than students learning from Planned Parenthood how to put condoms on cucumbers? Answer: Proper fisting techniques!

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