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Treasurer Boyce’s “Pants are On Fire” for Lying About Job Creation

September 8, 2010 at 10:11 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Politifact:

Spend any time with an Ohio politician running for office this year and you’ll hear one common theme: Jobs.

The hard-working people of Ohio deserve jobs, they all say.

Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce is no different. On many of the platforms available to him — his state website, his campaign literature, a YouTube video, Twitter — Boyce is talking about the jobs his office has supported.

“Our most important work has been creating and retaining almost 55,000 Ohio jobs,” he told supporters in an Aug. 19 e-mail.[...]

When Ohio voters, some of whom are out of work, hear a candidate like Boyce take credit for bringing in new jobs and keeping existing jobs in their state, we doubt the concepts of indirect jobs and “person-years” enter their mind. His calculations give voters the wrong impression.

Further, the significance of Boyce’s role in many of the job-creating state programs is questionable. While the bonds his office sells help fund the program, Boyce has no say in how those programs are run. He is more of a rubber stamp.

We find significant exaggerations and mistakes in Boyce’s statement.

* To begin with, we think it’s a big leap for someone in his position to take credit for the job creation.

* It’s a major stretch to include in the indirect jobs.

* His methodology is suspect because many of the actual jobs would only be counted for one year.

In addition, Boyce’s statement in the YouTube video is not accurate; the time frame is incorrect. He meant to frame his accomplishment from January 2009 to the present, not “in the past year.” The evidence his office provided to support his claim dates back to January 2009, when he took office. Boyce’s campaign literature and Twitter feed also reference the longer time frame.

Strike a match. We rate the statement Pants on Fire.

Treasurer Boyce does occassionally create jobs, but to get them you must be a major investment bank who donates to his campaign, the offspring of Pari Sabety, or be physically present for his job announcements at local mosques.

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