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Ohio Democrat Chairman Redfern Calls Tea Party Activists “FUCKERS”

September 22, 2010 at 12:52 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

UPDATE: Are you a Tea Party Activist upset at Chairman Redfern’s comments? Politely email his Blackberry at .

From WTOV:

LARINGTON, Ohio — In the midst of a heated general election cycle, Ohio’s Democratic Party chairman is admitting he used some “colorful language” during a political event in Monroe County Monday night.

As the United Steelworkers union was announcing its endorsement for a number of Ohio democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland, Chris Redfern used a variation of the f-word to describe opponents to his party’s agenda.

A NEWS9 reporting crew was invited into the union hall in Clarington for the endorsement announcement, and the camera was rolling as Redfern leveled the expletive at critics in the tea party, who, in his words, believe health care is a privilege, not a right.

“If your kids are going to graduate from college, now he or she gets health care, your heath care, while he or she looks for a new job,” Redfern said. “It’s in the very base terms we win these arguments. Every time one of these (expletive deleted) says, excuse my language.”

Watch the unedited video here.

I wonder if Chris Redfern kisses his mother with that filthy mouth of his?

And if health care is a f****** right, where do the rights stop? Housing? Food? Should everyone be provided yatchs, a House on Catawba island, and a skanky blond lobbyist wife?

Out of all the people to take shots at, he takes on those who support smaller government, lower taxes, and individual liberty. What an ugly, disgusting little man.

And Gov. Ted Strickland agrees:

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