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Disgraced Attorney Josh Engel from Troopergate Scandal Invited by AG Cordray to Speak at Law Enforcement Conference

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The topic Josh Engel was invited to speak on was the 6th Amendment:

This is the same Engel who should have been fired for attempting to set up the Ohio inspector general for serious Federal criminal charges during Gov. Ted Strickland’s scandal involving drunk prison inmates and smuggled drugs at the governor’s mansion:

The top lawyer at the Ohio Department of Public Safety has been demoted after an internal agency investigation into allegations that he wanted to set up the state’s inspector general for possible federal criminal charges.

The department’s investigation concluded that although Chief Legal Counsel Joshua Engel did speculate about a secret report being leaked, he denied participating in a scheme to set up Inspector General Thomas P. Charles.

Engel will be suspended for five days and demoted to a staff attorney, Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor said in a statement. His pay also will be reduced by $15,724 a year to $83,658.

“While the administrative investigation does not conclude, and therefore I cannot conclude, that the specific allegations are verified, the administrative investigation does acknowledge that Josh Engel was involved in a conversation involving actions that could discredit the Department of Public Safety,” Collins-Taylor said.[...]

During the committee hearing, Earl Mack Jr., Ohio’s deputy director for homeland security, testified about a March 8 lunch with Engel during which he said Engel suggested leaking a classified security assessment of the Governor’s Residence to Charles.

The plan, Mack said, was that if Charles released the report, “you can sic the feds on him.”

The department’s investigation concluded there was a conversation about the security assessment and Engel “did agree he mentioned the possibility of the inspector general leaking the report to the media.”

According to the report, Engel said he may have discussed with Mack that if Charles obtained the assessment properly, “given how much they leak to the media they could get in trouble. It appeared to him that Mr. Mack misinterpreted what he said.”

With the demotion, it is clear that this was admitting that an effort seriously was made to organize a conspiracy to allow Inspector General Charles’ office to look at federal documents at the Department of Homeland Security, and thus setting them up to have unwillingly committed a serious crime. Is this the sort of ethics at Rich Cordray finds acceptable? As long as it is about politics and defending a Democrat governor, is there no limit to how many laws can be broken by a lawyer and still be invited by Cordray to speak to law enforcement officials?

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