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“F*cker” Chris Redfern Update… and Union Leader Likes LESBIANS

September 24, 2010 at 11:57 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

According to WTOV 9, apparently those grizzled union workers Redfern talks to are experts in media relations too:

When NEWS9 first contacted Redfern for an explanation of his comment, he said he was under the impression that the endorsement announcement was a private event. Redfern also said he saw the NEWS9 reporter and videographer but did not see the reporter holding a microphone and assumed his comments were not being recorded.

Thursday, Bob Connors of the group We The People-Ohio Valley, said his group “takes exception to political leaders resorting to foul language and calling the American people despicable names. We The People OV are proud of our nonpartisan positions and our civil debates on issues that are important to this great nation. Mr. Redfern not only used foul language he also repeatedly mischaracterized the Tea Party’s position on health care and other issues.”

Connors further said in written statement that “the notion that political operators openly use such profanity to describe people who disagree with them speaks volumes about the current political leadership in Ohio. Mischaracterizing what We The People stands for is a red herring used to manipulate unsuspecting union steel workers. We The People OV are asking for an apology but doubt one will be forth coming as Mr. Redfern has already stated clearly that he will never apologize.”

NEWS9 has also sought clarification on a remark United Steelworkers Assistant District Director Dave Caldwell made during the same endorsement event Monday night.

Caldwell was accusing Republicans of trying to distract voters from economic issues by playing up social issues, especially gay marriage.

“The 13 states that were the battleground states were the only ones that had ‘Issue Ones’ on the ballot,” said Caldwell. “And they never once talked about women, because freaks like me would think that’s a good thing for two women to be hooked up. It’s only when two guys are getting married that that’s a bad thing.”

When NEWS9 contacted Caldwell for clarification, he said his comments were an attempt at humorously trying to make a point about how political spin can distract from economic issues.


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