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Dennis Williard Confirms- Mary Taylor Supports Seth Morgan for Auditor

May 2nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

From his column in the Akron Beacon Urinal:

In 2009, Morgan was the keynote speaker at the April 15 Tea Party rally in downtown Dayton. While many politicians, including conservatives, were trying to test the wind before joining the new movement, Morgan didn’t hesitate. One could argue he was a Tea Partyer before it was cool.

”It’s an expression of the frustration people have that their government is not listening,” Morgan said. ”The stakes are high, and I’m anxious for victory because it will give the Tea Party a certain degree of validation.”

Yost is the endorsed candidate of the Ohio Republican Party. Normally, the power, finances and reach of the state party would be enough to squash opposition from someone like Morgan.[...]

Morgan received the Ohio Tea Party endorsement for auditor. He also has picked up support from numerous county Republican parties, including Summit.

Yost lashed out at Alex Arshinkoff, Summit County Republican chairman, for scheduling the screening process last month when he could not attend because he was in court prosecuting a corrupt politician in Athens County.

”The Summit County chairman proceeded with his process anyway, despite knowing I could not participate. He had previously personally endorsed my opponent. Summit County is widely regarded as one of the last true ‘machine’ counties in the state, and there was no doubt that the fix was in,” Yost stated in a late March news release.

Arshinkoff cannot be blamed for Morgan being endorsed by the county parties in Cuyahoga, Lake and Montgomery.

Taylor is also backing Morgan.

She has criticized a plan offered by Yost for the state auditor to be involved with the legislature and governor in drafting a two-year state budget.

Taylor believes there could be a conflict of interest if the auditor plays a role in writing the budget, but then must come in after and audit the state’s financial books.

Akron Beacon Urinal Endorses Dave Yost for Auditor

April 18th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From their editorial today:

The two Republicans have crisscrossed the state, Yost backed by the state Republican Party and Morgan touting endorsements from Ohio Tea Party and several large county party organizations, among them Cuyahoga and Summit. Both candidates are energetic campaigners who share a similar vision of using the ”bully pulpit” of the office to bring greater efficiency to local government and greater fiscal responsibility to state government.

We recommend the election of David Yost in the May 4 Republican primary.

Decisive in this race is experience in public office. Yost, the Delaware County auditor from 1999 to 2003 before moving to the prosecutor’s office, is a seasoned public administrator. Morgan, like Taylor, is a certified public accountant. His business provides consulting and financial help to small- and medium-sized companies. That said, his resume is limited, in the public and private sectors. The former Huber Heights councilman is in his first term in the House.

As it is, state auditors don’t themselves audit. What matters are leadership and administrative skills. Yost has spent more than a decade effectively running county-level offices in one of the state’s fastest-growing counties. More, his legal work in the public sector is especially valuable, bringing him in contact with many units of government, exactly the entities the auditor’s office examines.

More Cheerleaders for Failure!

February 12th, 2010 Matt Comments off

The far-right editorial board of the Akron Beacon Journal:

Put another way, the governor has a sales challenge. The president touts ”high speed” rail, and in Florida, there are plans for trains reaching 168 miles per hour. In Ohio, many people were taken aback by a projected top speed of 79 mph and, more, a 61/2 hour trip from Cleveland to Cincinnati. You don’t have to be a transportation expert to understand that passenger rail must compete successfully against the car. Such a travel time hardly appears competitive.

The trouble is compounded by the inconvenient arrivals and departures, crimping the time for work, making impossible a return home after a sporting event. These aren’t mere details, easy to tweak. They go to the heart of building ridership, passenger rail having a chance at success. Democrats and Republicans are scratching their heads.

In that way, the governor would do well to address directly these concerns, offering a roadmap for rail in Ohio, taking up questions about a financial commitment from the state. Passenger rail must be done right. The governor can do better than venting about ”cheerleaders for failure.”

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