Ohio Freedom Alliance Meeting- Maurice Thompson & Alicia Healy

The most important man in the uphill fight to shrink Ohio’s government, and you probably have never heard of him.

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  • Matt: Thank you for the great comment. I was raised a Democrat, and it took me until college to realize that...
  • Former Buckeye: I left Ohio in the summer of 2004 because I could not find work and the only place to get a job was...
  • BuckeyeBullMoose: Matt, my old friend! Thanks for bringing up Alicia’s nice plug for the “Citiz...
  • Young RINO: Matt: Are you aware that the Director of the ODD that replaced Fisher after he stopped running his senate...
  • FatWhiteMan: No more RINOs. When is the Ohio Republican Party going to learn. DeWine voted like a Kennedy and Sherrod...



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