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Bill Todd for State Representative (20th District)

November 18th, 2009 Matt Comments

I’m sorry for being a day late on this. There are a lot of candidates announcing for state rep this week that I’ll be writing about. But one campaign that I’m especially excited about is Bill Todd, prominent lawyer and former Columbus mayoral candidate, running for State Representative:

OHR Letter

I know Mr. Todd well, and as he said in Gongwer, I know him to be a conservative Catholic and a true Reagan Republican.

From Gongwer (Nov. 16) $$$:

Mr. Todd said he believes Ohioans will express a preference next year for “seasoned, center-right Republican” candidates.

“In fact, I believe that the most likely reason a Republican candidate will fail in Ohio next year is if he or she is simply a ‘Democrat-Lite,’ masquerading as a committed Republican,” Mr. Todd said in a letter to members of the Franklin County Republican Central Committee.

Declaring a “commitment to fiscal conservatism,” Mr. Todd identified funding of the Medicaid program as one of the most important issues facing the state over the next decade.

“In addition, I believe that the Republican Party must continue to adhere to its core principles in the area of social values,” he said.

What makes this interesting is that it will be a contested primary against a number of candidates, including Matt Carle, former campaign manager for former Senator Mike DeWine. In this race, Carle is very much the Scozzafava-candidate, as he is pro-abortion and anti-gun. And in this environment, party bosses are no match for the conservative grassroots.

The seat has a history of being held by Republican, as Rep. Garland rode the 2008 Obamasunami to defeat the incumbent, former Gahanna Mayor Jim McGregor. This will be an interesting race to watch, especially now that House Republicans are far closer to reclaiming the majority than anyone would have imagined was possible a year ago… and could do it with a team of small-government conservatives like Bill Todd.

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More Video from the Columbus Tea Party

August 2nd, 2009 Matt Comments

Last night, I posted all of the great video of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s speech from yesterday’s tea party at the Ohio State House.

Here are my favorite signs mixed in with the Judge’s comments:

More videos are below the fold:

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Special Interests LOVE Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman’s Proposed Tax Hike

July 24th, 2009 Matt Comments

Including the publisher of The Columbus Dispatch, as his business interests benefit from city infastructure spending. You are shocked, I’m sure:

Developers, contractors and corporations have funded 95 percent of the campaign to raise Columbus’ income-tax rate.
More than $770,000 collected by the pro-tax campaign since late April has come from business backers, according to reports filed yesterday with the Franklin County Board of Elections.

The biggest donor so far: American Electric Power Co., which contributed $50,000 to the pro-tax committee called Citizens for Strong Neighborhoods and Good Jobs.

Lee Roberts, who’s running the pro-tax campaign, emphasized the number of donors — two-thirds were individuals — but said corporate money shows a broad range of support.

Voters go to the polls Aug. 4 to decide on the proposal to raise the city income-tax rate from 2 percent to 2.5 percent.

Basics First, the main group opposing the tax, didn’t raise any money, organizer Bill Todd said.

In a debate this week, Todd criticized city spending on Downtown projects, saying it’s a reward for corporate political backers.

“I think it’s really important the public understand who’s interested in these issues,” he said last night.[...]

Other top donors so far to the pro-tax campaign are: Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton & Tilton Inc. (engineers), $40,000; Stantec Consulting Inc. (engineers), $40,000; Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., $35,000; Malcolm Pirnie Inc. (engineers), $30,000; CH2M Hill Inc. (engineers), $30,000; Grange Insurance Companies, $25,000; Limited Brands, $25,000; NetJets Aviation Inc., $25,000; Corna Kokosing Construction Co., $25,000; Wolfe Enterprises, a subsidiary of The Dispatch Printing Company, $25,000.

I remember Lee as a former front-pager for the now-(almost) defunct website, Buckeye State Blog. I met him at a recent Issue 1 debate between Terry Casey and Councilman Ginther- He was a squirly, rotund young man in a cheap suit who was ran around the 2nd floor of the Columbus Athletic Center pointing me out, from a distance, to his fellow Coleman teet-sucking hacks.

Update: Jarrod Weiss, a leader of the Columbus anti-tax effort, links to the full finance report.

Bill Todd vs. the Columbus Income Tax Hike Proposal

July 21st, 2009 Matt Comments off

From the Issue 1 Campaign PR Firm Columbus Dispatch:

If Columbus truly needs more money to keep police and firefighters on the job, officials should promise to dedicate all the money from a proposed tax increase to public safety, a leading opponent said yesterday.

Instead, the estimated $90 million to $100 million from higher income taxes “can be for anything the cronies at City Hall want,” said Bill Todd, a former mayoral candidate who now heads the anti-tax group Basics First.[...]

Todd [...] called the tax proposal a blank check for city leaders with no guarantee it would go toward the things they promise, such as reconvening classes for police and fire recruits, reopening 11 recreation centers, and restoring weekly yard-waste pickup citywide.

He said levying higher taxes on people who work in the city would only chase away jobs and residents.

“For us to raise taxes is hanging up a red-letter sign saying Ohio is closed for business,” he said. “It’s the last thing we ought to do to poor, hardworking Ohioans in the middle of a recession.”

It is always fascinating to watch The Dispatch carefully write about the Columbus income tax hike debate and bury opposing viewpoints deep within its pages, as its passage would greatly benefit their publisher: John Wolfe.

Mayor Mike Coleman, instead of doing the work of a responsible leader by tightening the city’s belt, wants to confiscate more income from people who work in Columbus. It is disgraceful, and I’m glad to see Bill Todd out there speaking the truth about Columbus’ entrenched special interests.

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