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OH: 18- Cook Political Report Confirms District No Longer Leans Democratic

September 9th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Voting against ObamaCare might have not been enough to save Zack Space:

Space has gotten away with weak opposition for two cycles in a row, and though GOP state Sen. Bob Gibbs is an improvement, he isn’t Republicans’ ideal candidate. Still, even after Space has leveraged his huge cash advantage to soften up Gibbs on his legislative record during the Taft years, we haven’t seen numbers move in Space’s direction. That’s understandable given this district’s serious Republican lean and Space’s votes with Democratic leadership. Internal polling on both sides has shown Space ahead by single digits but well under 50 percent, and in this climate, that’s not enough of an advantage to justify keeping this race in the Lean Democratic column. Welcome to another district where the NRCC may not even be investing in the race, but the GOP candidate will be competitive anyway.

This confirms what the Politico said earlier this week. If you care to listen, Gibbs will be on Cleveland-native Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Salem channels tonight around 8:20pm.

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Newt Gingrich Continues His Endorsement Tour of Ohio

August 3rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

And this time he endorsed Bob Gibbs for Congress:

(Lakeville, OH) – Former Speaker of the House and General Chairman of American Solutions Newt Gingrich today issued an endorsement for Bob Gibbs in his race for Congress in Ohio’s 18th Congressional district. The 18th Congressional district is one of the most competitive congressional districts in the country having voted for McCain in 2008, carrying a large Republican registration advantage and having an incumbent Democrat Congressman that votes with Nancy Pelosi over 93% of the time.

“I’m proud to endorse Bob Gibbs in his race for Congress,” said Gingrich. “Under the Democratic Congress, unemployment in this district has more than doubled, and yet they continue to vote for job killing bills like Cap and Trade. When in Congress, Bob Gibbs will fight to stop the harmful cap and trade bill and work hard every day to put the people in his district back to work.”

It’s nice that Gingrich opposes Cap and Trade… But he also wrote, A Contract with the Earth, a HORRIBLE book about  the environment where he accepts the dubious science behind global warming and proposes a series of heavy-handed carbon tax and incentive schemes which are just as awful, if not worse, than Cap and Trade.

From a conservative perspective, saying Newt is solid on environmental policy would be as smart as appointing him the GOP’s oracle on traditional family values.

We Have Healthcare! Rejoice and Be Blad.

March 22nd, 2010 Matt Comments off

Every Ohio Democrat voted in favor, except for Zack Space.

However, Bob Gibbs sent out an email tonight blasting Space:

“Zack Space cast a critical vote early on to set us on this path.  His retreat from his earlier vote does not absolve him from the blame for what will now happen to our economy and to already out of control federal spending.  Voters will hold Zack Space accountable for setting this in motion.  I will make certain of it.”

All young healthy adults like me have to do is to pay a fee (under a $1000) instead of buying insurance… Then when something serious happens, we HAVE to be offered insurance coverage. Don’t spoil my brilliant scam, Bob!

And to keep my plan going, Rep. Stupak was kind enough to cave. We need to cut costs somehow, and we can start by the disposing of the unwanted.

Finally, Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation’s vision of a health care mandate can be realized by all.

And for all of you actually responsible enough to buy insurance, your premiums will drop… BY THREE-THOUSAND PERCENT!:

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This Is Apparently the Week to Get Endorsed by Ken Blackwell…

March 12th, 2010 Matt Comments off

After endorsing Dave Yost on Wednesday, Ken Blackwell endorses Bob Gibbs for Congress today:

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell today announced his endorsement of Bob Gibbs in his bid to unseat Zack Space in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District.

“In Washington, Bob Gibbs will fight against wasteful spending and stand up for our conservative values,” Blackwell said.  “Throughout his public career, Bob has been a staunch defender of the unborn, second amendment rights and fiscally conservative solutions. He has consistently walked the conservative talk. And I proudly support his candidacy for Congress.”

Gibbs co-authored the legislation reducing Ohio’s personal income tax rates by 21%, the largest tax cut in Ohio history.  He also introduced a measure in the Ohio Senate to urge Congress to stop the “Card Check” legislation, the unfair measure of eliminating the secret ballot for employees wishing to recognize an Employees Union.

“Voters in the 18th District have had it with Zack Space,” said Gibbs. “The question now is who we will pit against him in the general election.  I’m the candidate who can draw the strongest contrast to Space, because I’m not just talking about what I will do – I have a record of what I have done to reduce the tax burden on Ohio families, and fighting for the conservative cause.”

Gibbs is also endorsed by Ohio House Minority Leader Bill Batchelder, Ohio Congressman John Boehner, and dozens of other conservative legislators, local elected officials, and Republican Party Leaders.

I think Ken Blackwell’s endorsement matters a lot in the conservative movement. Blackwell rarely endorses, but was willing to stick his neck out this week for two conservative Ohio candidates.

BUT, not only was that income tax reduction just retroactively rolled-back by Gov. Strickland, Team Gibbs sounds almost as off message as Jon Husted by implying how principled the GOP was when they controlled the Ohio House and Bob Taft was in office. Ken Blackwell may have a few things to say about that…

OH-18: Zack Space had a Good Day Yesterday

February 19th, 2010 Matt Comments off

I love primaries, but 9 candidates? Good grief. The rest of these candidates are long shots, with his entire campaign team leaving what the hell is Fred Dailey doing?:

Beau Bromberg of Newark: Bromberg is the sales manager of the Rent-a-Center in Newark. He also ran for the seat in 2008, losing the primary with 7.6 percent of the vote. He is a member of the Tea Party movement. Bromberg has not yet registered with the FEC.

Fred Dailey of New Philadelphia: Dailey is a former director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture and a Vietnam veteran. Space defeated Dailey in 2008 with 60 percent of the vote. Dailey had raised $90,300 as of Dec. 31, the most recent information available from the FEC.

Dave Daubenmire of Bowling Green Township, Licking County: Daubenmire is a former Heath High School football coach and a conservative religious evangelist. His information is not yet listed with the FEC.

Bob Gibbs of Lakeville: Gibbs is serving his first term in the state Senate. He was also a member of the Ohio House from 2003 to 2008. He used to own a swine production farm, retiring in 2004. Gibbs leads in fundraising among Republican candidates, raising $216,096 through Dec. 31, the most recent information available.

Ron Hood of Ashville: Hood is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Hood ran in the primary for the 7th Congressional District in 2008, losing to Steve Austria. (Congressional candidates are not required to live in the district.)

Hombre Michael Liggett of Dover: Liggett has been a pastor for 16 years in Dover. He has registered with the FEC, but has not reported raising any money.

Jeanette Moll of New Concord: Moll is a former magistrate judge and mediator for the Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas. She now practices law out of Zanesville.
Moll ranks second in fundraising among Republicans, having raised $116,226 as of Dec. 31. Moll also ran in 2008, losing to Dailey in the primary with 31 percent.

Michael Royer: Information on Royer was not immediately available.

Helen Haskett Wolfe of Lancaster: This is Wolfe’s first run for public office. She considers herself part of the Tea Party movement, according to The Athens Messenger. She works at the Lancaster Wal-Mart.

I am also curious about Ron Hood, as I hear he is running thanks one well-financed conservative group. I know him and he was a very conservative legislator, but there were only vague rumors he was running until this week.

Regardless, even though it will be a tough reelection campaign considering how out of touch he is with his district, I’m suddenly less optimistic about defeating Space.

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OH-18: Holmes County GOP Endorses Bob Gibbs

February 13th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From the inbox:

(Millersburg) – Republican State Senator Bob Gibbs won the endorsement of the Holmes County Republican Party today in his bid to unseat Zack Space in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District. Holmes is the first county party to endorse in the race.

“I am very pleased that Holmes County has once again recognized Bob’s experience in state government and his enthusiasm in representing Holmes County’s interests in Congress,” said County Republican Chairman Bob Hovis.

Gibbs won over the support of the committee largely by demonstrating his strength and ability to win in the Fall. He told the Committee in his remarks that he had raised over $250,000 in his bid for Congress, more than three times the amount of any other candidate. He has key support among the grassroots, including several County Chairs, the entire Republican delegation to the Ohio House and Senate from the district, and several Ohio Republican members of Congress. He was also lauded by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity for signing the “No Climate Tax Pledge”.

As you can see, the Gibbs campaign will have a lot to say about the “climate tax,” as it relates to how Zack Space’s voted in favor of Cap and Trade when the heart of Ohio’s coal industry existing inside the district.

Considering that Fred Dailey‘s campaign consulting firm and media firm just recently stopped working for him (his campaign manager endorsed Gibbs), I think it is fair to say the conservative Gibbs will be the Republican candidate. (Unless crazy-fringe Coach Dave pulls off an upset!)

OH-18: Fred Dailey Loves Pork Spending

November 18th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Fred Dailey is nervous about his race against Bob Gibbs for Congress, and had to hire some political operatives. That is a smart move, but nothing can cover up Dailey’s record as a pork-loving state bureaucrat.

From the New York Times, “Iowa Finds Itself Deep in Heart of Wine Country” (11/19/2006):

[A]cross the Midwest, wineries are thriving, both as tourism magnets and profit-making businesses. Some are even producing quality wine, sommeliers say, made possible by French-American grape hybrids that are bred to thrive in cold climates.

They have been so successful that more corn, soybean and tobacco farmers are clearing fields and planting grapes. In Iowa alone, a new winery has been licensed every two weeks for the past year, officials say. Now, more than 700 acres are devoted to grapes (compared with 15 in 2000) and there are close to 70 commercial wineries. Iowa has also just hired its first state oenologist to help guide the novice winemakers.

Other Plains and Midwestern states are also producing grapes, and uncorking more of the bottles they produce.

In South Dakota, for instance, the number of wineries has more than doubled recently, to 11. In Indiana, the local wine industry has added $34 million to the economy annually. And Ohio is spending $900,000 to promote its local vintages, competing with more established regions in California, the Goliath of American wine.

“We’re not afraid to take them on,” said Fred L. Dailey, director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Bragging about a recent West Coast competition where an Ohio Riesling won an award, Mr. Dailey said dismissively, “We beat out all those over-oaked chardonnays over there.”

Fred Dailey is OK with taking $900,000 of your money and handing it over to the wine industry. Are you?

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