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Brian Rothenberg

August 30th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Joe Hallett took a break from his endless campaign for higher taxes, to write about about something I did not know: Brian Rothenberg of Progress Ohio is gay.

You may know that I pick on Rothenberg endlessly (for example, see here, here, here, and here.) But his Shadows on High Column (which sometimes makes fun of me) is always interesting, and he is very polite via email.

Rothenberg, the former Ohio Democrat Party spokesman, is already a political veteran at age 43. And at Progress Ohio, while you can never be sure where Rothenberg truly stands on specific bills because of the carnival of political interests which fund his 501c4 (a group which is modeled on the effort that assisted in the Democrat takeover of Colorado), I am absolutely certain that he is a staunch left-wing true-believer.

I disagree with Brian, the individual, on just about every conceivable policy he supports. However, all jokes aside, Brian is wrong, not because he is attracted to men, but because he is a liberal!

Perhaps this “outing” is partially Brian’s fault. After all, he is heavily involved in a progressive movement which thrives on group & identity politics. And once Brian showed the slightest bit of interest in a candidate that has already been deemed unacceptable by the kook liberal fringe (Rep. Jennifer Garrison of Marietta), the same machine that Brian fostered decided to put Brian in its cross-hairs.

Hallett is absolutely correct that Brian does not deserve to be attacked in this fashion. Rothenberg clearly has no interest in sharing his sexual orientation with the world, and he deserves to be left alone.

Pro-Life, Moderate Jennifer Garrison Sits Down With Ohio’s Top Left-Wing Crazy

August 25th, 2009 Matt Comments

Is this smart politics, or a waste of Garrison’s time? I think the most telling thing about this is… that apparently, the new Democrat base has a litmus test for its candidates, where any candidate who may have reservations about government endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle is an unacceptable candidate.

Exit question- Are there libertarian homosexuals who oppose this legislation, as it is a further erosion of property rights? Or it is a requirement that politically minded homosexuals be Rothenberg-style socialists? After all, in the long run, if government stays out of the way, it is very expensive, and perhaps impossible, in a free-market to discriminate.

Attention Brooks Brothers Brigade! ProgressOhio’s “Candlelight Vigil” for Socialism

August 22nd, 2009 Matt Comments

This is from the same organization which was responsible for packing Sherrod Brown’s sham town hall at OSU with union goons and leftist crazies. Who wants to go?

Join us for a candlelight vigil and peaceful procession from one downtown Columbus church to another as we “Shine Our Light on Health Care.”

This event will be an opportunity to reflect on the spiritual roots of our work to support health care reform – highlighting the moral aspects of the issue, and remembering the real-life consequences of our broken health care system. We will demonstrate the depth and breadth of public support for a health care future that includes everyone and works well for all of us.


WHEN: Sunday, August 23, 8:30 PM – 10 PM

WHERE: Meet at First Congregational Church, 444 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215

PROCESSION ROUTE: After short remarks, prayer, and candlelighting at First Congregational, we will proceed westward on Broad St., south along Third St., ending at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 404 S. 3rd. St. for wrapup remarks and closing prayer.

CLERGY: Reverend Tim Ahrens of First Congregational Church, Reverend Denise Edwards of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

If the route is too long for you, please consider joining us for the distance you are able. Organized processions from additional starting points are very much welcome!

We will provide candles, but please bring extras to share if you have them.

Godless Brian Rothenberg, President and Chief Thug of Progress Ohio, sent me an advance copy of his prayer:

Let us bow our heads.

We address this generic meditation and non-judgmental prostration to whom it may concern.

In the beginning was the Flesh. And the Flesh became the Logos.

We reject death, and lust for life. We wallow in despair and reject the ChristoFascists’ natural law, while fornicating endlessly with all available bodily orifices and inanimate objects.

Our Secular Savior, Barack Hussein Obama, will alleviate us from the toils of working in your world of scarce resources. And as we transition to this green utopia, give us the strength to loot and cannibalize older generations of capitalist scum. Oh yes, we can.

Obama is my shepherd, I shall not want.


Please take away our daily bread, as we raise our taxes.

And lead us not into prosperity.

But deliver us from self-reliance.

With liberty and abortions for all.

NEWS FLASH: Brian Rothenberg Believes in God

July 27th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Brian Rothenberg of Progress Ohio and Mike Gonidakis of Ohio Right to Life debated the “cultural index,”   a poll which shows Ohio to be an overwhelmingly conservative state, on the State of Ohio with Karen Kasler.

Watch the video here:

It is fun watching them go back and forth, and I’d like to see these two Ohio political titans debate something which doesn’t degrade into an attempted smearing of the reputation of a talented former Zogby pollster. The differences in the polls Brian mentions are all snapshots at different times and are statistically quite similar, but the average PBS viewer is left to take Brian’s assumptions to the contrary. That isn’t fair, but perhaps this is what inherently happens when a debate focuses on one specific poll. (Perhaps news outlets should using polls for a replacement for real news?)

Also, Rothenberg’s defensiveness over the poll and his quickness to link his statist movement to a belief in God verifies for me that so-called “progressive” leaders in Ohio aren’t comfortable defending their inherently secular, anti-God philosophy. It is clear that the god of leftist utopianists IS government, and their plans to immanentize the eschaton always fail.

And have you ever noticed that when liberals debate an issue they don’t agree with, they call it “divisive?” This is a lame tactic used to silence conservatives, and is so often deployed that it has become meaningless.

(Here is my Rich Cordray interview, which was mentioned during the debate.)

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