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Seth Morgan Recieves CCV’s Wilberforce Leadership Award

April 20th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Wow- This award name won’t go over well with my fellow racist tea baggers.

From Citizens for Community Values:

Auditor of State candidate Seth Morgan, CPA received the William Wilberforce Leadership Award from the Citizens for Community Values today.

“Seth Morgan embodies what the William Wilberforce award recognizes. Seth puts principle above party and has exceptional moral leadership,” said Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values.

“I am humbled and honored to receive such a prestigious award honoring an amazing person in our history who spent much of his life fighting to abolish the slave trade,” said Seth Morgan, CPA.

For over a century, a virtual unknown among Americans, William Wilberforce today is appreciated and admired by many in the U.S., thanks to the 2007 movie, “Amazing Grace,” which chronicled his 20-year battle in the British Parliament to abolish the slave trade. At a time in British history similar in many ways to the U.S. today, Wilberforce exemplified moral leadership, even though doing so required standing against public opinion and against party expectations.

For 20 years, Parliamentarian William Wilberforce fought to abolish the British Slave trade. He fought against the establishment and against his own party. Wilberforce fought without regard for his own career, or even his own health. When success finally came in March of 1827, Wilberforce continued to fight for abolition until, just days before his death, he saw the institution of slavery abolished throughout the British colonies.

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CCV and ProgressOhio Join Forces

October 6th, 2009 Matt View Comments

From the AP:

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Two advocacy groups formed an unlikely alliance Monday to oppose a plan to put casinos in Ohio’s largest cities, temporarily casting aside opposing philosophies to say that casinos would harm Ohio’s economy, increase crime and require increased social spending.

Citizens for Community Values, a socially conservative organization that pushed Ohio’s constitutional amendment against gay marriage in 2004, visited the headquarters of liberal group ProgressOhio. The two organizations, diametrically opposed on most issues, believe that the casino plan will have social and economic costs that outweigh whatever benefit it would bring.

“Nothing comes to mind immediately,” said David Miller, vice president of public policy for Citizens for Community Values, when asked whether he could think of other issues that have brought the two sides together.

But, he added, “I think we care about people. That’s what brings us together here, is the serious impact that gambling is going to have in Ohio if we approve these four casinos.”

I know a lot of the CCV activists, and I can assure you their opposition stems from principle and religious conviction. That is far more honorable than Progress Ohio, who used to employ Sandy Theis, the spokesbabe of  the casino-supported anti-Issue 3 campaign. This is just another payday for libertine Brian Rothenberg.

Brian  is about as opposed to the expansion of gambling as he is to building of gay bathhouses.

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