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Eric Brown Is Not Asking for Money, Eric Brown Is Not Asking for Money, Eric Brown Is Not Asking for Money

May 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Ohio Chief Justice Eric Brown’s campaign Spokesloser Don Spicer would like you to know that in this voicemail, Chief Justice Eric Brown IS NOT asking for money and committing a crime… He’s just inviting someone to an event which costs $1000 to attend… and that money goes to his campaign.

Eric Brown Event

Regardless, hopefully Ted and Eric enjoyed themselves at X-Rated Girls Night!

X RATED GIRLS, Ted Strickland, Justice Eric Brown & Judicial Misconduct

May 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Per the Ohio Code of  Judicial Conduct, judges are not allowed to directly ask for campaign contributions. But the AP reports that newly appointed Ohio Chief Justice Eric, who has very limited experience as a judge, has already violated that rule:

A judicial candidate shall not personally solicit or receive campaigncontributions. A judicial candidate may establish a campaign committee to manage andconduct a campaign for the candidate, subject to the provisions of this Code. Thejudicial candidate is responsible for ensuring that his or her campaign committeecomplies with applicable provisions of this Code and other applicable law.

This Associated Press story is just hitting the wires tonight:

Ohio’s newly appointed chief justice made personal telephone solicitations to a recent campaign fundraiser, in apparent violation of judicial campaign restrictions.

In audio released Monday by the Ohio Republican Party, Democrat Eric Brown is heard asking a supporter to attend the $1,000-a-head event at Martini Park in Columbus on May 14. Under Ohio law, judicial candidates cannot directly ask for or receive campaign contributions.

Campaign consultant Don Spicer said Brown did not violate the rules. He said Brown did not mention money on the call and people were not required to make a donation to attend.

Spicer called it a misunderstanding and said Brown would make no similar calls in the future.

The Republican Party says the audio was dropped off at its office anonymously.

The event was held at Martini Park at Easton, and Gov. Ted Strickland received top billing as a host for the event on May 14. But Oddly enough, at the same location on the same day was this X Rated Girls Night Out event!

Gov. Ted Strickland, Justice Brown & Some Fine Ladies?

Why would Democrats feel it appropriate to host an event where scantily clad and potentially X RATED women were dancing? How close to these women did Ted Strickland get? I understand that Ted Strickland and his wife have no children, but does he have no concern for how young women might be treated at such events?

Chief Justice Moyer died on April 2, and Eric Brown is already disgracing the position once held by a legend and distinguished jurist with illegal fundraising practices and X Rated excitement.

I’ll post more details and audio as they become available.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Eric Brown Loves Facebook

May 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

First, Brown gets nailed for plagiarizing a speech from the late Justice Moyer. Now, as James Nash of The Dispatch reports, he has an unusually high number of Facebook friends:

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown has a lot of friends.

In fact, he has nearly 3,900 “friends” on the social-networking website Facebook, including more than a few lawyers who may try cases in front of Brown’s court.

Brown says a Facebook “friend” isn’t necessarily a real friend, and he has no problem separating what he does online from his role as Ohio’s top judicial officer.

Brown, a Democrat whom Gov. Ted Strickland named chief justice in April to replace the late Thomas J. Moyer, appears to be the only Supreme Court justice in the state’s history to be active on Internet social networks.[...]

Most other states are similarly silent on social contacts online, but the Florida Supreme Court’s Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee recently recommended that judges eschew “friendships” with lawyers or other parties with business before their courts.

Brown said he wouldn’t necessarily “un-friend” a lawyer or litigant whose business happens to come before his court. But Brown said he also wouldn’t accept a new friend request from such a person until after the case was concluded.

Instead of accepting all of those friend requests, he could save time and join the fan page for “slip and fall trial lawyers.”

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Ted Strickland’s Newly Appointed Justice Eric Brown, PLAGIARIZER

May 19th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Laura Bischoff:

COLUMBUS — On the job for less than a week, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown delivered a commencement speech to the University of Dayton law school that directly lifted nine paragraphs from a graduation address delivered nine months earlier by his predecessor, the late Chief Justice Tom Moyer.

Brown said both speeches were written predominantly by Joe Smith, assistant to both chief justices.

Moyer told Ohio State University law school students on Aug. 30, 2009: “Today is a celebration and all that goes with it: flips of the tassel and pats on the back. To all of you — students, families, best friends alike — congratulations.”

Brown opened his commencement speech at UD on May 8 with the exact same words. And he repeated word for word 15 other sentences delivered by Moyer.

This is what happens when someone with limited court experience and average intellect is appointed to the highest court in Ohio.

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Why Did Betty Montgomery Fire Eric Brown from the AG’s Office?

April 15th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From The Dispatch’s harsh editorial about Gov. Strickland’s appointment to the Ohio Supreme Court:

Strickland called Brown “uniquely qualified” for the role – high praise for someone who has yet to complete a full term as a judge, either on the Probate Court or when he served before in the General Division of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

In fact, when he ran for the Probate Court in 2008, his opponent, incumbent Probate Judge Lawrence A. Belskis, charged that Brown was seeking the Probate seat only so that he could use it to run from cover in a 2010 bid for the Supreme Court. Brown denied this and vowed that he was committed to being a Probate judge and intended to serve his full term. Soon after, he reneged on that promise.

And some parts of Brown’s resume simply are opaque. In 2002, Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery notified Brown that she intended to fire him from his post in her office for reasons that never have been made public. He negotiated a departure under circumstances that remain unexplained.[...]

This is the position of chief justice. It has been vacated after being held for nearly 24 years by a man widely revered for his integrity, professionalism and his concern for the court’s reputation. And he died unexpectedly less than two weeks ago, leaving his colleagues and other Ohioans who knew him stunned and grieving.

The governor had an opportunity to honor that legacy and rise above partisanship in filling this vital judicial post. He chose to do otherwise.

All Eric would have to do is sign a wavier to allow full disclosure for his lack of performance in the AG’s office. And he needs to clear this up quickly, or the lack of transparency and information leaks over time will harm his campaign over a prolonged period of time.

In fact, I believe I already have the story but am working on confirming it. In the  mean time, if you have details about Eric Brown’s work in the AG’s office please email me at . All tips will remain anonymous. thank you

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Caption Contest: Ted Strickland Appoints Eric Brown to the Ohio Supreme Court

April 14th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Picture from Marc Kovac:

From The Toledo Blade (April 14):

COLUMBUS – Gov. Ted Strickland said yesterday that he has found Ohio’s judiciary to be “too white” and “too male,” but he declined to indicate whether that thinking will play into his decision as to who will replace the late Chief Justice Thomas Moyer on the state Supreme Court.

Newly Appointed Justice Eric Brown & his Wife Love Dead Babies

April 14th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Ohio Right to Life:

Governor Ted Strickland today appointed Franklin County Probate Judge Eric Brown Chief Justice of Ohio to replace the late Thomas Moyer. Brown had already been selected by Strickland and other Democratic Party leaders as the Democratic candidate for Chief Justice in the 2010 election. The selection sets up a race between two sitting members of the Supreme Court, Brown and current Justice Maureen O’Connor, the Republican candidate.

Eric Brown is married to Democratic Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown, who has voted to use tax dollars to support Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio, an organization that performs abortions.

“Governor Strickland’s choice of Eric Brown for Chief Justice is a blatantly political decision,” said Mike Gonidakis, Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life. “In order to have the Democratic candidate run as an ‘incumbent’, Strickland has ensured that the remainder of this Supreme Court term will be marked by internal political tension because two members of the Court will be competing for election. Strickland and Brown clearly lack the statesmanship shown by Justice Evelyn Stratton, who decided not run for Chief Justice in the Republican primary because she was concerned about the negative effects that two sitting Justices running against each other would have on the internal operation of the Court,” Gonidakis said.

Judge Eric Brown is Uhhhh Here This Morning with Uhhh, the Roots, Uhhh, I’m Sorry it’s the Uhhh – RootsCamp!

March 6th, 2010 Matt View Comments

More weird video from Buckeye State Blog from Progress Ohio’s Kookfest 2010.

Was Ted Strickland holding the camera? Good grief, after watching this I need some Dramamine!

Does Judge Brown remind anyone else of Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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