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Poll: Majority of Ohioans Believe in God & Oppose abortion

July 8th, 2009 Matt Comments

As reported by Kevin Holtsberry of Red State,  Matt Lewis of, and Life News,  the Ohio Right to Life released a fascinating poll which shows Ohioans are quite religious and socially conservative.

The poll was conducted by Fritz Wenzel and found that:

• 72% of Ohioans’ surveyed strongly believe in God;
• 60% oppose abortion;
• 54% believe abortion has a negative effect on women who have them;
• 70% oppose use of taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion;
• 45% believe entertainment today negatively impacts families;
• 51% believe government policies are harming traditional family values;
• 54% believe schools undermine values taught at home; and
• 54% believe families do a worse job of developing character than a generation ago.

Maybe this is why President Obama’s support in Ohio has dropped by double digits?

Bad News Round Up for Gov. Strickland

July 1st, 2009 Matt Comments

My goodness, Gov. Ted Strickland is in a tough spot. On one hand, he doesn’t want to be like like Gov. John Gilligan who lost his election to his predecessor, Gov. Jim Rhodes, as Gilligan was responsible for the creation of the Ohio income tax and the state lottery.

But the leftists who run the editorial boards of Ohio’s dinosaur media are attacking Strickland because DOESN’T HAVE THE COURAGE to raise taxes. Just check out Brent Larkin in The Plain Dealer and Ellen Belcher in the Dayton Daily News for a small sample of this insanity.

To make matters worse, the polls are sinking, and Gov. Strickland is right in line with Gov. Corzine of NJ who is another state governor who gladly accepted one-time-only Federal stimulus cash and all of the corresponding future spending mandates and is increasingly unpopular, per the PPP poll, a soon-to-be-released Quinnipiac Poll, and this poll by Fritz Wenzel (of Zogby and Toledo Blade fame) which shows John Kasich leading Strickland 44% to 35%.

I received a lot of emails about my post about Ted Strickland’s visit to Subway. For an update, you should know that I returned to that Subway and the worker who made his sub had no idea who he was despite her daughter volunteering for his campaign in 2006. And her only thought was of how terrible it is that Gov. Ted Strickland wants to shut down her local library. Poor Ted.