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X RATED GIRLS, Ted Strickland, Justice Eric Brown & Judicial Misconduct

May 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Per the Ohio Code of  Judicial Conduct, judges are not allowed to directly ask for campaign contributions. But the AP reports that newly appointed Ohio Chief Justice Eric, who has very limited experience as a judge, has already violated that rule:

A judicial candidate shall not personally solicit or receive campaigncontributions. A judicial candidate may establish a campaign committee to manage andconduct a campaign for the candidate, subject to the provisions of this Code. Thejudicial candidate is responsible for ensuring that his or her campaign committeecomplies with applicable provisions of this Code and other applicable law.

This Associated Press story is just hitting the wires tonight:

Ohio’s newly appointed chief justice made personal telephone solicitations to a recent campaign fundraiser, in apparent violation of judicial campaign restrictions.

In audio released Monday by the Ohio Republican Party, Democrat Eric Brown is heard asking a supporter to attend the $1,000-a-head event at Martini Park in Columbus on May 14. Under Ohio law, judicial candidates cannot directly ask for or receive campaign contributions.

Campaign consultant Don Spicer said Brown did not violate the rules. He said Brown did not mention money on the call and people were not required to make a donation to attend.

Spicer called it a misunderstanding and said Brown would make no similar calls in the future.

The Republican Party says the audio was dropped off at its office anonymously.

The event was held at Martini Park at Easton, and Gov. Ted Strickland received top billing as a host for the event on May 14. But Oddly enough, at the same location on the same day was this X Rated Girls Night Out event!

Gov. Ted Strickland, Justice Brown & Some Fine Ladies?

Why would Democrats feel it appropriate to host an event where scantily clad and potentially X RATED women were dancing? How close to these women did Ted Strickland get? I understand that Ted Strickland and his wife have no children, but does he have no concern for how young women might be treated at such events?

Chief Justice Moyer died on April 2, and Eric Brown is already disgracing the position once held by a legend and distinguished jurist with illegal fundraising practices and X Rated excitement.

I’ll post more details and audio as they become available.

Kevin Boyce Better Ratchet Up His Shakedowns of Banks Quickly!

April 23rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Because Josh Mandel is kicking his butt in fundraising:

LYNDHURST – Continuing his energetic campaign style and powered by his grassroots donor base, Marine Veteran and State Representative Josh Mandel (R-Lyndhurst) yesterday announced that his campaign for State Treasurer reported more than $2.16 million cash on hand — raising $317,655 since the last reporting period. Mandel, the challenger, maintains a nearly 3:1 cash advantage over incumbent Kevin Boyce.

“Yesterday’s report once again shows the strength, energy and momentum behind our campaign to bring integrity and accountability back to the Treasurer’s office,” said Mandel. “Our message is resonating with Republicans, Democrats and Independents from all across the state and the response has been overwhelming. I am very grateful for the outpouring of support in these tough economic times,” Mandel continued.

There have been loud rumors that Kevin Boyce has been actively job hunting this year because since this race isn’t on the Apportionment Board, Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern has already written this race off.

Jennifer Brunner is “Running on Empty” & Lee Fisher is a “Loser”

April 21st, 2010 Matt View Comments

(For those of you keeping score at home, Jackson Browne was also the musician playing in the background while a shirtless Lee Fisher was working late as his son videotaped him for a stupid documentary. If you knew that, give yourself a gold star for excellence.)

From The Politico:

Brunner Running on Empty

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner announced raising just $144,000 for her Senate campaign in the first three months of the year and ending the quarter with $79,000 in the bank. That compares with a $550,000 quarter and $1.8 million on hand for Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, who has held a small advantage in recent Democratic primary polling. That means that the last two weeks of the primary campaign — the election is on May 4 — pit a candidate with a clear fan base and little money (Brunner) against a candidate with superior resources and a less obvious core constituency (Fisher).

However, Lee Fisher and his TV ad comb-over are still losers:

Despite his money advantage, Politico put Fisher in the “loser” category on its national list of first-quarter fundraising winners and losers, suggesting that he should have raised more, given the backing of Gov. Ted Strickland and others.

“Democratic strategists believe his weak showing could give Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who has also struggled to raise money, new life and an outside shot at winning the Democratic Senate nomination,” Politico said.

And Lee should have reason to be worried. Not only do women tend to do slightly better than men on the ballot, Democrat activists are almost all support Brunner’s staunch progressivism, since she is far more exciting than a candidate tainted with Cuyahoga County Democrat corruption.

Fisher is a known commodity and and Republicans know how to beat him- He even lost a race to former Gov. Bob Taft. Regardless of fundraising totals, I don’t think it’s any secret that Brunner, in a general election, would be a much stronger candidate.

I truly wish Brunner would respond to Fisher’s TV ad, as not only is Ohio’s Job Czar talking about job creation (unemployment DOUBLED on his watch) but he talks about his work at a non-profit… a “charity” which paid him approximately $400,000/year plus expenses. Instead of buying the Sean Hannity-sounding “Courage Express” bus, why not run an ad on MSNBC and public radio? The liberal Ohio media would certainly promote the ad for free, and then this might actually look like a REAL primary battle.

Come on Jennifer. You punch like a girl. You can do better!

In Columbus, State Rep. Marian Harris is Working Her Ass Off… At Planning Fundraisers

February 27th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Question: Is this the time of message that Ohio House Democrats expect to help them win in November?

After reading Tom Suddes’ Sunday Forum column “At the Statehouse, the collection basket is being passed, filled,” my question is, what’s a legislator to do?

I ran for state representative, naively perhaps, because I wanted to bring 30 years of human-service advocacy to the legislature. Do you think I prefer asking for money to working on lowering exorbitant water and sewer rates for residents of my district?

Do you think I prefer holding fundraisers to working on a domestic-violence bill? Do you think I prefer spending hours on the phone asking for money to spending those hours in my district listening to constituent concerns?

What’s a legislator to do?

I want to continue working for my district so I have to raise money to be re-elected — a lot of money! It would be nice to just focus on my job. It would be nice to have publicly financed campaigns or at least reasonable limits on contributions and even on campaign spending. The U.S. Supreme Court makes me wonder if that will ever be possible.

In the meantime, I need to continue the phone calls and the fundraisers. What’s a legislator to do?


19th House District


Harris would like to do her job, working and serving her constituents, but she has forced into hosting fundraisers.

But, have no doubt that while she is munching on piles of hor d’oeuvres and hovering too close to an open bar, she feels REALLY, REALLY BAD about it.

Marian Harris' Personal Hell

John Kasich, 5 Million in the Bank, Mostly Raised in the Past 6 Months

January 27th, 2010 Matt Comments off

From Campaign Manager Beth Hansen (Did anyone know Beth was the “campaign manager?” I thought she was still working for Sen. Voinovich.):

“Ohioans are coming out very strong for John and Mary.  The campaign’s fundraising is going exceptionally well because Ohioans know that we must have new, better leadership, and that with John and Mary we’ll deliver it–to create jobs, to transform state government, and to bring prosperity back to Ohio.

“What’s also remarkable is that a challenger’s campaign like ours, running against an entrenched, supposedly shoo-in incumbent, is seeing such a robust level of financial support so early in the race.  This level of strong momentum, this early in the race, speaks volumes about just how fed up Ohioans are with Ted Strickland’s mismanagement of Ohio’s finances and his tax increase, about how frustrated people are, and about how hungry they are for new leadership.  It’s very encouraging to see Ohioans’ enthusiastic support and I know John and Mary are very appreciative of the confidence Ohioans are showing in them.”

The total is $5,071,901.55. There were 9,321 donations of $100 or less, and $4,289,434.43 is from 10,290 donors. Impressively, 29% of donations were made online.

In August, Strickland had roughly $4 million in the bank, and has until Jan. 31 to file his report.

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